December 10, 2013

Finals Week & Study Abroad Goodbyes

Happy finals week!

Finals week officially started on Monday and I had my first exam today. I have two more exams on Thursday and Friday and I'll be heading home on Saturday morning. It's definitely a busy week & it's been a little sad saying goodbye to so many of my friends since I'll be studying abroad next semester.

But, it's been fun too! I had an awesome weekend because, though I have final exams all week, I didn't have any papers or homework assignments to complete. It made it easy to chill out, have a secret santa party with friends, watch holiday movies, and basically lounge around before this busy week. Check out some photos below!

Blogger Party - a group of us bloggers met up at Christian's house (our boss & the assistant director of marketing for social media at SMC). We basically ate food, made Christmas cookies, watched Home Alone, & took lots of pictures!

Me & my roomie Lauren K

Juliana, Boates, Lauren K, & Lauren M

Christmas Shopping - I went shopping on Church Street with my roomie Cait. While walking around, we found that there was a reindeer & donkey on Church Street for the day! The donkey was available for pictures, & we couldn't resist.

Winter Sunset - Went on an adventure to Walmart today & saw a gorgeous sunset. Definitely gonna miss those over winter break!

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