November 1, 2011

SMC Winter Beanies

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update about my BUSINESS CLASS!

A few weeks ago I blogged about my classes, including my business class. It's an intro. class, so it's pretty much an overview of business and includes marketing, finance, and management. The most exciting part is getting to create a real business on campus! My group is selling 'SMC Winter Beanies'.

This week we need to create a product pitch and show it to the class. We can do a presentation, present a skit, show a movie, etc. My group chose to do a movie starring my friend and fellow blogger Lauren. It's so funny!

And here it is!
I couldn't format it to go on my blog, so you'll have to check it out on facebook!

Hope you all like it, and I hope it makes you all want to buy some hats!

Tweet me with questions about Saint Mike's, or send me an email! Have a wonderful week! :)

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