April 23, 2012

Fall Class Schedule

Three weeks and the semester is over! Ahh, craziness! Right now I'm a bit swamped with work, but it's all okay since summer vacation officially starts May 10!

A few weeks ago we all picked our classes for the upcoming fall semester and I GOT INTO ALL MY CLASSES! This is truly a miracle because it's the first time I've gotten all four classes that I tried for. And so my next semester's schedule is:

-Managerial Accounting:
 Tues/Thurs, 3:00 - 4:35 with Professor Doyon

This semester my learning style didn't match too well with my accounting professor and I ended up dropping the class. I've heard great things about this professor and he seems energetic and  hilariously passionate about accounting. This class will count towards my business minor.

-Introduction to Philosophy:
 Mon/Wed/Fri, 8:30 - 9:35 with Professor L'Hote

I have work study in the Academic Affairs office, so I work in some of the deans' offices. My work study boss and one of the deans helped me pick my classes for next semester and assured me that this professor is absolutely amazing! This class will fulfill an LSR, a liberal studies requirement.

-General Psychology:
 Mon/Wed/Fri, 9:45 - 10:50 with Professor Adams

This introductory class is taught by the psychology department head. I didn't get into this class during registration, but the professor was great about helping me petition into his class. I was able to get in the day after registration. This class will count towards my psychology major.

-Research Methods I:
 Mon/Wed/Fri, 11:00 - 12:05 with Professor Boynton

This is a statistics class and is another class that I didn't get into during registration. Since General Psychology is a pre-requisite, I had to wait until after registration to see if there were any open spots for me in the class. The professor was incredibly accommodating and let me take the class even though I didn't have the pre-requisite and the class was full. The professor helped me get into the class the day after registration. This class will count towards my psychology major.

I couldn't be more thrilled with all of my classes! All of my professors seem amazing and the classes themselves are really interesting to me.

 Also, I've blogged before about 'Horses and Healing', my First Year Seminar class last semester in which my class volunteered at a therapeutic horseback riding farm once a week. For next semester's 'Horses and Healing' class, my friend Merrill and I were chosen to be Teaching Assistants, meaning we'll help out once a week during trips to the farm. I'm so happy!

So many amazing things have been happening to me lately! Despite all the stress of finals, I can't help but feel so blessed! I have so much more to share; be on the look out for many more blog posts coming soon!

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April 18, 2012

Wonderful Burlington!


As many of you know, the local downtown hang out for us Saint Mike's kids is Church Street in Burlington. Church Street is about 10 minutes away (we take the CCTA city bus system for free with our Knightcards!) & has tons of delicious restaurants, adorable shops, & entertaining street performers. My friend Lauren also blogged about this a bit - check it out!

Last weekend a bunch of us headed into Burlington on Friday to go out to eat & watch the sunset over Lake Champlain!

First we ate at Sky Burger - pretty cheap and SO good!

Then we all walked down to Lake Champlain - the sunset was gorgeous

A bit hard to see, but this is one of my favorite street performers.
Here he's doing a hand stand on top of five precariously balanced chairs.

The rest of my weekend was amazing too! As I'm mentioned before, I'm a 'big sister' in LBLS (Little Brother, Little Sister) Mentoring through the Saint Mike's community service group, called MOVE. On Saturday I went to Pizza Putt with my 'little sister' and we had so much fun! Pizza Putt has arcade games, pizza, a playground, bumper cars, and mini golf...and we did everything! She had a blast and it's sad that I can't see her all summer.

THEN on Sunday, Saint Mike's had Earth Fest! It was held in the gym because it was supposed to rain and there was so much to do - free burgers with all local ingredients, bike-powered smoothies, an amazing band called Mission South (which I'm not obsessed with), tie-dye, a chance to plant some flowers, and free Ben & Jerry's!

My friends Cait & Vick after planting some seeds in Ben & Jerry's containers.

Overall I had an amazing weekend - with all that Burlington & Saint Mike's has to offer, how can you go wrong? This weekend is sure to be amazing too - like I said in my last post, it's parents weekend so I get to show my parents all around SMC & Burlington!

Be on the look out for more lovely posts, coming soon! Email me with any questions!

April 17, 2012

Video Blog

Ahhh my very first Vlog post!

Inspiration struck...after I saw my friend Lauren's vlog post (it's pretty funny, so check it out here!). I know that technically I'm stealing this idea, but vlogging is so much fun!

Attractive freeze-frame photo they chose, huh?

As you can tell, life is just grand! It's been extremely busy and slightly stressful, but I've just been especially happy lately - it must be all of the warm, sunny weather!

Like I said, find me on Twitter, Formspring, or Facebook (so many ways to contact me...) OR Email me with any questions! If it's not obvious, I LOVE helping prospective students & talking about Saint Mike's so ask away! Look for some more info-packed blog posts coming soon!

April 12, 2012

'I Love Reading your Blog'

Hi Alex!

My name is Victoria and I am about 30 minutes from Boston. I have been reading all of the SMC Blogs since being accepted and I really enjoy reading your blog. This may be because I also research everything like crazy and am not the most outgoing person. It was also interesting to read that your are not the typical college student, which is another way I am similar to you. I am coming to visit for accepted students’ day this weekend and now I am not as nervous about college life. I have never seen St. Mike’s so I’m hoping I love it.

Keep it Up!

Hey Victoria!
Thanks so much for your email - it totally made my day! It's so refreshing to hear that my blog is actually helping prospective students like it's meant to!
How did you like your visit to Saint Mike's? I'd love to hear whatcha think & of course feel free to ask me any questions. In fact, find me on facebook, twitter, or formspring!
Also, I definitely recommend attending one of our 'Knight Chats' if you have questions about SMC. Have you heard about them before? It's basically like an IM chatroom sesh with a bunch of the current student bloggers. We're having one today from 7:30 - 9 pm & I'll be on it. Here's the link!

Again, let me know if you have any questions. Thanks so much for your feedback & positive words!

April 5, 2012

Absolutely Wonderful, Amazing Things

Happy Thursday!

Since tomorrow is Good Friday, today is our last day of classes this week (one of the perks of going to a Catholic school...getting the Friday before & the Monday after Easter off from classes). I'm just excited to go home & see my family. ALSO my roommate, Lhanzi, is coming home with me for a day or so before visiting her friend in Boston so we should have soo much fun!

SO I have had quite a few absolutely fabulous days lately. First, about two weeks ago, Saint Mike's had their annual spring concert. Our school does a great job of getting some fairly big bands (for such a small school, I'm impressed!). Last year we had Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, but this year we had Jay Sean!

To be honest, I didn't know what to expect from the concert. I really only knew his song 'Down' but since the concert was free, I just couldn't turn it down! My friends and I ended up being in the front row  and the show was AMAZING!

We were so close!

There were also performances by Jacob Es (a UVM student) and J Boog. Check out some of their songs on Youtube here and here. I was just so impressed by these two groups!

My second, even more amazing day came last Friday when President Obama came to Burlington. As a lot of my friends know, I definitely love and support Obama. I was unable to get tickets to his speech at UVM, and I was pretty bummed that I wouldn't get a chance to see him in person.

Then, in the afternoon I saw a bunch of people congregating by the road just outside of campus and heard rumors that Obama was coming by on his way to the airport. Then, when Obama's car drove by, in between the state troopers, police motorcycles, and big trucks full of secret service men holding rather large guns, Obama looked out the window and waved at all of us.  Am I maybe a little too excited to have seen the President in a car, through thick, tinted, bullet-proof windows? Probably, but regardless of whether or not you support him, it was just exciting to see the President of the United States.

Some great photos of Obama by Founders at SMC.

...and my photo of Obama - I got a little overexcited.

Finally, my last recent wonderful day came on Tuesday because I got a wonderful care package & it was free cone day at Ben & Jerry's! The package was from my Aunt & Uncle and it was probably the best care package ever in the world - it had cookies, a cute little notepad, pop rocks, granola, fruit snacks, and glow sticks. It was such a surprise and totally made my week! That evening my friend Merrill & I (check out her new SMC blog!) went into Burlington for free cone day! This happens once a year - Ben & Jerry's everywhere gives a free small ice cream to anyone who comes by!

HUGE line outside the Ben & Jerry's store.

And so, that ends my amazing few weeks. Hope you all have a lovely Easter! Email me with any questions you have about Saint Mike's!