February 24, 2015

Senior Year Inspiration

Senior year is busy! Last semester I was stressed with grad school applications. This semester I'm busy with five classes - usually students take four per semester. This is what I've been up to this semester:

-Online media & communications coordinator (I oversee all the student bloggers)
-Tour guide
-Peer tutor (I tutor statistics & marketing)
-Mentoring (I meet with my little sister one evening every week)

It doesn't sound like too much, but if you add in classes, homework, my senior thesis/business plan, planning for post-grad life, & socializing with friends - I've been busy!

All of this stress means that I need some motivation. I usually get that motivation through Tumblr - I save my favorite posts & stick them up to remind myself to stay positive. Here are some of my recent favorites:

Please email with any questions!

February 22, 2015

I Love Saint Mike's

One of the reasons that I enjoy working as a blogger & tour guide at SMC is that I get to share my love for this school.

Saint Mike's has been the best school for me & I've really loved my time here. It's nice to be able to express that through my work. Plus, if I'm ever in a bad mood or am stressed from mounting homework, it's nice to be reminded of the best parts of my life at SMC.

My fellow Founders Coordinators after a Sunday tour guide meeting-
 Brian, Erin, myself, Matt (one of our admissions counselors), & Bizzy

Recently, I've been especially busy expressing my Saint Mike's pride. I help with a lot of admissions events & processes. Right now we've been working on hiring new tour guides & on meeting with accepted prospective students. This is what I've been up to lately-

Student Instagram
We've just started a student-run Instagram at Saint Mike's! Students will switch off every week, instagram-ing their day-to-day activities.  I was the first student to post & I just finished my week today. I think it will be a really fun way to show prospective students what students actually do every day here at SMC.

Check out our instagram knightlifevt.

Meeting accepted students
Every spring semester we have several accepted students days. These are really fun - they basically provide a day where accepted prospective students can come to Saint Mike's &better understand what we're all about. Students hear from professors in the major that they are interested, attend a student panel, grab lunch with current students, & tour several housing options.

This past week I helped direct students & families around campus, got to sit in on a student panel & answer questions & I had lunch with prospective families. It's so fun to get to talk to prospective students, especially when they're excited about Saint Mike's.

We have our last select student academic day tomorrow - but we have a couple Saturday accepted student open houses coming up!

Hiring new tour guides
Every spring semester is also busy with the tour guide hiring process. As one of the student leaders working in admissions (more specifically I'm the Online Media & Communications Coordinator for the Founders Society) I've attended meetings for students interested in becoming a tour guide & I'll start interviewing students this week. It's a bit of a long process - we need to see these students get involved first to understand if they'll make a great tour guide. It's also a really fun process though & I love seeing the next generation of SMC tour guides!

Holding Knightchats
Knightchats are one of my favorite parts of the blog program here at Saint Mike's. They're basically IM chat sessions where prospective students or parents can log on & ask the bloggers questions. Us bloggers get together, have pizza & answer these questions as they come in. They're usually busy nights but it's really fun to see the other bloggers & to talk to prospective families.

We have a Knightchat tomorrow, Monday February 23 at 7:30pm for prospective parents!

Of course I've also been giving tours & blogging weekly, as per usual!

Please feel free to reach out with questions via email!

February 11, 2015

Senior Seminar - Business Strategy

One of the most important classes that you'll take senior year is your senior seminar class. These classes vary by major but they have a few things in common. Every senior sem is discussion based, includes the writing of your senior thesis & is designed to really bring together everything that you've learned in your last four years here at Saint Mike's. If that sounds like a lot to handle, you're right - senior sem is awesome but stressful.

My thesis ideas, hung right over my bed so I can't escape 'em

As a business major my senior thesis involves the creation is a business plan. It's a pretty cool project because it requires us to pull in our knowledge of marketing, finance, accounting, management, & various business theories in order to create a plan to start a business. Now, this business plan can be real or fake - some students want to start a business & use this project as a starting point. Other students would rather not work in an entrepreneurial job & simply create a business plan as if they were to start this business.

My business plan focuses on an online magazine. It's a real company that I would like to start one day. Really I came up with this idea because I previously ran an online magazine & really enjoyed it. I also want to create a magazine for people like me, people who are less interested in the advertisements of Glamour magazine & more interested in compelling & empowering stories. Beyond that, I don't yet have much to share about my business idea.

Cheesy quotes like these help me to stay motivated

I'm currently working  on my business plan & I have a lot to complete in just a few weeks - my plan is due in early March. Right now I'm working on the missions statement & such, as well as a feasibility report, to determine whether this business can actually make money. Next week we also have rocket pitches, short three minute summaries about our company in which we need to include information on financials, funding, operations, & things like that.

One thing to note - my business plan isn't the only work I have for my senior sem! I also have homework assignments, presentations, an exam, & an essay. It's a crazy class, but I'm really enjoying the work so far.

Please feel free to email with any questions!

February 2, 2015

Good Old Snowy Vermont

This week is off to a snowy & cold start!

Campus is gorgeous. It's been snowing on & off for a couple days. Snow is piled high & it's light, fluffy, sparkly, & just really, really picturesque & beautiful. Unfortunately it's also been pretty windy & cold, but that will pass. For now I've been bundled up, studying in bed & drinking warm tea.

Joyce hall, surrounded by snow

A few of my friends had snow days today when their professors cancelled class or (for my friends who are student teaching) their schools closed for the day. I wasn't quite as lucky, but with only one class on Monday I feel like I can't complain much.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with winter. I hate the cold but love the snow & I've skied for most of my life. How I ended up in Vermont, where winter is pretty long, beats me. But I love New England & despite the cold, I can't imagine being anywhere else but at Saint Mike's.

In other news - I got accepted to grad school! So far I've heard from two law schools. I've been accepted to Pace in White Plains, New York & to DePaul, in Chicago, Illinois. I'm still waiting to hear from ten other schools - it's hard not to get anxious! It is such a huge relief though to know that I'm definitely going to law school!

These pictures don't do it justice - campus is gorgeous!

This week is a fun one - I don't have too much going on, but I do have a lot to prepare. In the next few weeks I have several exams & I want to start skiing once the weather warms up a tiny bit (I love skiing but not enough to go in negative temps!). That means that I have some work to do this week. Normally I leave big projects for the weekend, but if I ski I need to get a lot of that done during the week. I also have to apply for financial aid & grad school scholarships, plus summer internships & jobs. Even a normal week is busy during the school year!

For any newly accepted students - a huge congratulations! I was so excited to receive my acceptance to Saint Mike's so I'm sending good vibes to all of you!

Feel free to email with any questions!

January 25, 2015

A Typical Weekend

Weekends are always busy for me during the academic year. Honestly, every day is pretty busy for me! The difference is that I focus more on classes & less on homework during the week. Every weekend I turn my focus to completing homework, preparing for the week ahead, catching up on sleep, & seeing friends.

Here's what a this weekend was like for me-

3:05pm - finish class
4:00pm - blogger training
5:00pm - quick supermarket run
6:30pm - make fajitas with my roommates
8:00pm - host a surprise birthday party for my roommate & fellow blogger Lauren
1:00am - go to bed

9:00am - wake up
11:00am - finally get out of bed & make breakfast
2:00pm - binge watch scandal
6:00pm - complete some work for the blog program
7:30pm - research for possible summer internships
9:30pm - back to binge watching scandal
11:45pm - go to bed

9:00am - wake up & make breakfast
10:00am - start homework
12:30pm - blog
1:30am - lunch break
2:00pm - back to homework
12:00am - go to bed

Cozy in bed, blogging & studying

My weekends are usually pretty low key. I always make sure that I see my friends & that I sleep in & relax a bit. Sometimes I'll go skiing at Smugg's, go to a movie or downtown for dinner, or I'll attend one of the weekend events put on by the RA's. What stays constant is the mountain of homework that I work to complete on Sunday.

Here's the homework that I'm working on today-

Behavioral Neuroscience
-Review class notes
-Read textbook chapter & take notes & prepare for quiz
-Review previous quizzes
-Print PowerPoint & lab for Monday's class
-Start review for upcoming exam

Legal Environment of Business
-Read a textbook chapter & take notes
-Read several chapters in both novels & prepare for a quiz
-Participate in class discussion online before Tuesday's class
-Print PowerPoint & case for Tuesday's class

Business & Public Policy
-Read three newspaper articles posted online
-Read Harvard Business School case for class discussion
-Participate in online discussion before Tuesday's class
-Determine the clauses of the Constitution that are relevant or related to business
-Determine topic for semester-long research paper with team members
-Choose several Wall Street Journal articles on topic to present to class

Business Strategy
-Order two novels online
-Read business cases & complete discussion questions for Tuesday's class
-Begin presentation preparation with team members for Thursday's presentation
-Contact team member to begin business plan project
-Update all due dates for future assignments

Business Portfolio
-Begin preparation of upcoming presentation with team member
-Edit biographical essay
-Update resume for Tuesday's class
-Take Meyers Briggs test for Tuesday's class
-Read textbook chapter & take notes

Independent Study
-Edit citations & put into APA format
-Create a timeline of events for business case
-Start writing of business case
-Read second business case for reference

My big stack of work still left to study

It's going to be a busy day! One thing that's nice is that, though most of my classes are difficult & work intensive, I have a few easier classes to balance out all the work. It helps to have a mix of classes, otherwise I would be so overwhelmed!

Now I'm off, back to homework. Feel free to email with any questions!

January 24, 2015

What It Means to Be a Second Semester Senior

It's crazy to think that I only have thirteen weeks of college classes left. It's even crazier to know that in three and a half months, I'll be graduating from Saint Mike's. Where has the time gone? It seems like I just barely moved into Joyce & started my first college classes.

Leaving Saint Mike's will be incredibly sad. I love it here! Burlington is gorgeous, I have made amazing friends, I got to study abroad, & I really found myself & discovered what it is I want to do in my life. But mostly, I will really miss the people of Saint Mike's. Moving away means that I won't see Tara, my first year work study boss, or Rosemary, who swipes students into the dining hall. I'll miss all of the staff that work in admissions & everyone that works in the dining hall. I also won't see my dedicated & caring professors, who wrote me letters of recommendation, included me in research projects & recommended me for business competitions.

As sad as it will be to leave Saint Mike's, I'm actually really excited for this semester & for graduation. On Monday I applied to graduate school & I can't wait to start. I'm planning to complete a joint program that will allow me to earn an MBA & a JD, or law degree, in four years. I just applied to law schools and now I'm nervously awaiting the results, which will come any time between February and May.

My final semester at Saint Mike's will be a busy one. I'm taking six classes this semester in order to fulfill all of the class requirements that I have left. I'm also keeping up my same extacurriculars - I'm working as a peer tutor, tour guide & blogger, I'm in charge of the blog program as Online Media & Communications Coordinator, & I'm a mentor through MOVE, our community service group. I'm also trying to see my friends as much as possible & I'm trying to apply for summer jobs & internships.

This semester I'm taking some awesome classes:
-Behavioral Neuroscience
-Business & Public Policy
-Business Portfolio
-Business Strategy
-Legal Environment of Business
-Independent Study - creating a business case with several professors

Honestly, I'm loving my classes so far. A lot of them are pretty difficult but they're all interesting. I think it's going to be a great semester.

Before I sign off, here are a couple photos I took this week at Saint Mike's-

Gorgeous sunset by the 200's townhouses

Loving this snowy campus!

Also, on Monday we have our first Knightchat of the semester! Please join us online at 7:30pm to ask questions about Saint Mike's. The bloggers will be ready to answer about anything!

Please email with any questions!

January 22, 2015

Back at Saint Mike's - Starting Spring Semester 2015

Fall semester was the busiest semester I've ever had. I had difficult classes, I was studying for the LSAT, and I was working on my law school applications. Overall, fall semester made me a big ball of stress.

Luckily, fall semester is over! I was home for Christmas break & spent time visiting family & friends, sleeping in, cooking, and watching tv. It was a dream! I also got to spend a few days in Boston, which is one of my favorite places. Here are a few pictures of my relaxing break-

I went to tea in Boston with my family when I first got home

Had a really wonderful Christmas with my family

Met up with some summer internship friends in Boston

Tried an awesome Venezuelan restaurant for New Year's Eve

I also spent time over break preparing for spring semester (aka ordering textbooks & checking out class syllabi) and applying to law school. Lucky for you, I don't have any photos of my time spent lounging or typing up essays!

Now, I'm back at Saint Mike's! We're already two weeks into the semester & work is piling up! I'm excited to be here & to be starting my final semester of college. I have a busy semester ahead of me, full of business classes & my senior thesis. I'll be blogging about that soon!

Email me with any questions!