January 28, 2013

Social Media, Pranks, HubSpot

Happy Monday everyone!

So my last post was about social media and, because I've been studying a bit about social media marketing in my marketing class (plus I'm just obsessed with social media) I'm sort of posting about it again!

Since I research everything to the enth degree, I've been looking into a bunch of social media & marketing companies, one of which is HubSpot, an inbound marketing software company in Cambridge, MA. I've known about HubSpot for a couple years now and it's actually my dream company. It seems like a super cool company full of smart, passionate, innovative people and I've wanted to intern there since I started college last year. Basically it sounds like they work really, really hard but also have a ton of fun (which is just my style!).

So, as I said, HubSpot sells software to companies that enables them to easily create a marketing campaign using various platforms, such as social media, SEO, emails, calls-to-action, and blogs. Again, all of these types of marketing are part of inbound marketing, which basically seeks to get the attention of customers and to be easily accessible. More traditional forms of advertising, such as direct mail and television ads, are considered outbound marketing.

On HubSpot's site today I found a web series where various HubSpot-ers and guests present on marketing issues and info live every Friday afternoon. The video I found was from September 2012 but the information in it is just cool.

The video talked about a lot of things, but what stood out to me was the bit about the Emmy's, which were hosted by Jimmy Kimmel that year. In the middle of the Emmy's, Jimmy Kimmel asked for a volunteer to come on stage. Tracy Morgan went up and Jimmy Kimmel asked him to lay down on stage and, essentially, play dead. Kimmel then asked everyone to tweet "OMG Tracy Morgan just passed out on stage at the Emmy's. Turn on ABC now." Tracy Morgan laid on staged for several minutes and was then carried off.

In part, Jimmy Kimmel pulled this prank in order to increase ABC's viewership. And it worked! Due to Kimmel's prank, ABC saw a 6% increase in viewers for the Emmy's, which is pretty substantial. I like this story because it shows how big of an impact social media can have, plus it demonstrates how easy it can be to create this impact. Granted, most of us won't be hosting the Emmy's and we don't have the number of followers that Jimmy Kimmel does, but by following influential people and continually tweeting (and updating other social media platforms) with new, funny, and compelling things, you can definitely have some kind of impact.

Check out the prank!

HubSpot's website is full of information about marketing and social media. They have tons of free ebooks, plus an awesome blog that's almost continually updated. It's really a great site for marketing advice, whether you're a company interetsed in their marketing software, or a college student like me who's interested in optimizing marketing techniques for your blog and online magazine.

One last thing! While perusing their website, I saw a video in which HubSpot's Director of Product Management, Christopher O'Donnell, said this - "We are in a position to build a once in a generation kind of company." First of all, this is a great mindset to have! HubSpot believes it is an innovative, new, creative company and focuses on portraying that image. Also, I totally think this quote is true. Never before has social media, blogging, and inbound marketing in general been so popular. This company is growing rapidly because they are smart and creative, but also because their timing is perfect!

As always, email me, send me a Facebook message, or tweet at me with questions!

January 18, 2013

The Obvious (& Obscure) Impacts of Social Media

As most of you know, I'm a business major with a concentration in marketing. I love all things marketing, which is part of the reason I'm a student blogger! I'm particularly a fan of social media marketing and the huge impact it can have.

Social media marketing is relatively new, but it has now become a huge component of marketing. Think about it...I created my Facebook profile 6 years ago, started my blog and Twitter account two years ago, and began Her Campus earlier this year. At the same time, major brands are expected to have Facebook and Twitter profiles, from colleges and clothing stores to musicians, celebrities, and politicians.

I'm sure you all realize how much time we spend on social media sites. Several classes at Saint Mike's urge students to give up technology for a day, or even a week (a couple of my friends have done this and have had a lot trouble avoiding social media sites). But have you considered the fact that social media now influences our country's Presidential races?

In the 2008 race between Obama and McCain, Obama won almost 70% of the votes by people under 25, a large part of which I think came from his presence on Facebook. In fact, during that election, Obama had almost 2 million Facebook followers, while McCain had a little over 600,000. The differences continued on Twitter, YouTube, and in Podcasts. US News has a great article on this from way back in 2008. Essentially, the way the politicians run for office has now changed forever, which is incredibly fascinating.

I just finished my first week of classes, one of which is marketing! I find marketing so exciting because it's all about working together - you get direction from directors & VPs, get your budget from finance, and work to support sales. It creates such an interesting dynamic because, not only do you get the space to be creative, but you also have to work as a team. It definitely sounds challenging but I love it! I'm excited to see what I learn this semester because marketing changes so quickly; it will be cool to see what the newer, younger, or more exciting avenues for advertising will be.

I promise a post soon about my spring semester classes. Email with any questions!

January 11, 2013

The Power of SMC Alumni

Hello! I know I haven't blogged in a while, but I've been busy relaxing! I've had a great break & I've loved seeing my family, hanging out with my friends, and sleeping in (all things I don't get to do much while at school).

This school break I've also been focusing a lot on securing a summer internship. I've mainly been researching interesting internship opportunities through SMC Joblink and other public job sites, but I've also been talking to various alumni about their experiences in the business world. Through the Career Services department SMC students can get a list of alumni in specific industries and locations who are willing to help current students. I got a list of alumni in business & marketing in the Boston area & the alumni I've talked to have been extremely helpful!

So far I've spoken with about 8 alumni and each of them have given me advice about how to market myself, what companies would be a great fit for me, and how to succeed in the business world. I've also gotten to hear about their jobs and career paths and how their education at Saint Michael's College has helped them. The most incredible part is that these alumni are so willing to help! Several alumni have promised to help me secure an internship at one of my dream companies and have told me to keep in touch about interning at their companies next summer. I've talked to alumni who have started their own companies, are CFOs, or have become Vice Presidents. It's inspiring to see that there are so many opportunities and that the Saint Michael's community extends beyond our small Vermont campus.

I return to school this Sunday and while I'm excited to see my friends and start new classes, I'm certainly going to miss being home. As always, shoot me an email if you have any questions - I'm happy to help!