September 22, 2014

Founders Society Coordinators Take On NEACAC

This weekend all four Founders Society coordinators had the chance to join admissions counselors Mike Stefanowicz & Matt Seklecki at the Students in Admissions Forum held by the New England Association for College Admission Counseling (also known as NEACAC).

As a coordinator for Founders Society, I got to attend the Forum!

Founders Society as Saint Mike's is essentially a program run by & for student ambassadors. It's the group that allows students to get involved in promoting Saint Mike's to prospective students & families. Founders Society is broken into four sections - tour guiding, blogging, alumni, and special events. The group has four student leaders:

-The Online Media & Communications Coordinator in charge of the blog program - my position!
-The Tour Guide Coordinator in charge of hiring and organizing tour guides
-The Open House & Yield Events Coordinator in charge of accepted student days, & overnights
-The Alumni Relations Coordinator - in charge of involving alumni in admissions events

As student leaders essentially working in admissions, the four coordinators (myself, Erin, Brian, & Bizzy) got to attend the NEACAC Forum. Basically we got to take a super fun road trip on Saturday night to Massachusetts where we stayed the night and attended the NEACAC Forum on Sunday at Holy Cross. It was SO FUN!

Quick pre-road trip selfie!

Brian, Erin, me, Bizzy & Mike

Starting our drive through beautiful Vermont

Stop in Manchester, NH for a delicious dinner!

The mac & cheese pizza was a hit!

Made it to Holy Cross!

SMC, keeping it classy

Our post-presentation picture

Driving home, McDonald's in hand

Sunday we got to attend panels & hear from admissions counselors & students from around New England. Brian, Erin, Bizzy & I even presented! We talked about how Saint Mike's has a unique admissions set up, with students staying involved through their time at school as bloggers or tour guides & continuing to stay involved after graduating. We called our talk "Full Circle Community."

It was also awesome to spend time with Matt, Mike, Erin, Brian, & Bizzy. While I've known them all for a few years now, it's been really fun to get to know them more this semester while working with them all!

Don't be afraid to email with any questions!

September 20, 2014

Fall at Saint Mike's

One of my favorite parts of going to school in Vermont is the changing of the leaves!

Fall is my favorite season & luckily, the fall weather is starting to move in! It's changed form hot, 90-degree sunny days to slightly chilly days with leaves starting to fall. I love it! I can't wait for it to be cold enough to wear sweaters & boots!

This (very busy) week I've taken some photos of autumn at Saint Mike's. Leaves haven't completely changed yet, but they're certainly starting to turn!

Taken from my favorite study spot!

Sunset from North campus!

Gorgeous leaves falling in the 100's townhouses.

Changing tree by Bergeron!

Sunset from campus.

Academic quad!

Even the ivy is changing!

In a few weeks I'll be going on an evening hike with the wilderness club & I can't wait. I'm also excited to do some hiking with friends after the leaves start to change a bit more!

Email with any questions!

September 14, 2014

Starting Senior Year at Saint Mike's

I can't believe that it's already the third week of school! We've just started back but I can already tell that this whole year is going to fly by.

I am beyond excited for senior year and, though I've been busy with grad school applications, I know that the year is going to be so much fun. It's been so nice seeing my friends after being abroad last semester.

It's also been incredible seeing my favorite Saint Mike's staff & professors. Rosemary & Abid in Alliot, Dragan the shuttle driver, Professor Popovich, my advisor, Tara, my old work-study boss and secretary to President Neuhauser, Professor Letovsky, the business department-head, and Professors Landry, Doyon, Teucher, Nelson. It's been so great to be back on campus.

My roommates!

First day of school shenanigans

My housemates are also awesome & I'm so excited to be living with them.I live with fellow bloggers Merrill & Lauren & with my friend Cait. We've all been friends for a few years now & Cait, Lauren, & I all lived together last year.

I love my housemates because they're awesome friends, easy to live with, and we're all super goofy. I love that we're all really involved at Saint Mike's, but we do all different things. Cait is Vice President of the Student Association, our student government on campus, & she's also a tour guide & a coordinator through MOVE, our community service group. Lauren does a lot of media stuff through her MJD (media studies, jorunalism, & digital arts) major & is involved as a tour guide & blogger. Merrill volunteers through MOVE as a mentor & is a blogger & tour guide. I'm in charge of the blog program this year as online media & communications coordinator & I'm a tour guide & a mentor through MOVE. Also, all four of us studied abroad last semester & both Merrill & Lauren have internships on top of their school work. My friends are really the coolest.

We live in the 200's townhouses, which are located farthest away from the academic buildings on campus, sort of by the suites. It's still just a ten minute walk to class, and it's nice & secluded in the 200's. There's less hustle & bustle so it's a good separation between school & home. I stole some pictures from Lauren of our house:

We posted a hashtag for our townhouse on our door so our friends will use it

Our downstairs!

Our cozy living room!

Me, cooking in the kitchen!

Upstairs we all have single rooms and a nice big bathroom. Honestly, our house couldn't be cozier, I totally love it.

Until next time, email with any questions!

Summer in Review

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since I last blogged, during which I finished up my study abroad experience, worked in Massachusetts for the summer, & started my senior year at Saint Mike's. What a year!

Study abroad was an amazing experience, and honestly it was a little bit of a rough transition to come home. I missed (and still do miss) Dublin & Ireland & Europe, but it has also been so nice to see friends and family again.

This summer I was so busy, working two internships and starting a research project with a professor. I interned for U.S. Congressman Joe Kennedy III and for the Massachusetts Democratic Party, both of which were amazing experiences. I'm interested in one day working in politics, so it was really cool to learn some of what goes on behind the scenes. I also met some really awesome students my age who are interested in politics, which is kind of rare. It was awesome to make some friends who are really passionate about politics, just like me.

Meeting Congressman Kennedy at an intern breakfast
Some of my Mass Dem Party friends at the state convention

Picture with U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi at a political rally
In my downtime I mainly saw friends and family. I was also busy studying for the LSATs this summer & I've been researching grad schools. Right now I'm planning on attending a joint MBA-JD program to earn my masters in business administration and a law degree. I'm taking the LSATs soon & will be applying to schools in November, so cross your fingers for me!

Seeing old friends from high school

Celebrating my 21st birthday with my twin brother & parents

Email with any questions!