September 14, 2014

Summer in Review

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since I last blogged, during which I finished up my study abroad experience, worked in Massachusetts for the summer, & started my senior year at Saint Mike's. What a year!

Study abroad was an amazing experience, and honestly it was a little bit of a rough transition to come home. I missed (and still do miss) Dublin & Ireland & Europe, but it has also been so nice to see friends and family again.

This summer I was so busy, working two internships and starting a research project with a professor. I interned for U.S. Congressman Joe Kennedy III and for the Massachusetts Democratic Party, both of which were amazing experiences. I'm interested in one day working in politics, so it was really cool to learn some of what goes on behind the scenes. I also met some really awesome students my age who are interested in politics, which is kind of rare. It was awesome to make some friends who are really passionate about politics, just like me.

Meeting Congressman Kennedy at an intern breakfast
Some of my Mass Dem Party friends at the state convention

Picture with U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi at a political rally
In my downtime I mainly saw friends and family. I was also busy studying for the LSATs this summer & I've been researching grad schools. Right now I'm planning on attending a joint MBA-JD program to earn my masters in business administration and a law degree. I'm taking the LSATs soon & will be applying to schools in November, so cross your fingers for me!

Seeing old friends from high school

Celebrating my 21st birthday with my twin brother & parents

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