January 25, 2015

A Typical Weekend

Weekends are always busy for me during the academic year. Honestly, every day is pretty busy for me! The difference is that I focus more on classes & less on homework during the week. Every weekend I turn my focus to completing homework, preparing for the week ahead, catching up on sleep, & seeing friends.

Here's what a this weekend was like for me-

3:05pm - finish class
4:00pm - blogger training
5:00pm - quick supermarket run
6:30pm - make fajitas with my roommates
8:00pm - host a surprise birthday party for my roommate & fellow blogger Lauren
1:00am - go to bed

9:00am - wake up
11:00am - finally get out of bed & make breakfast
2:00pm - binge watch scandal
6:00pm - complete some work for the blog program
7:30pm - research for possible summer internships
9:30pm - back to binge watching scandal
11:45pm - go to bed

9:00am - wake up & make breakfast
10:00am - start homework
12:30pm - blog
1:30am - lunch break
2:00pm - back to homework
12:00am - go to bed

Cozy in bed, blogging & studying

My weekends are usually pretty low key. I always make sure that I see my friends & that I sleep in & relax a bit. Sometimes I'll go skiing at Smugg's, go to a movie or downtown for dinner, or I'll attend one of the weekend events put on by the RA's. What stays constant is the mountain of homework that I work to complete on Sunday.

Here's the homework that I'm working on today-

Behavioral Neuroscience
-Review class notes
-Read textbook chapter & take notes & prepare for quiz
-Review previous quizzes
-Print PowerPoint & lab for Monday's class
-Start review for upcoming exam

Legal Environment of Business
-Read a textbook chapter & take notes
-Read several chapters in both novels & prepare for a quiz
-Participate in class discussion online before Tuesday's class
-Print PowerPoint & case for Tuesday's class

Business & Public Policy
-Read three newspaper articles posted online
-Read Harvard Business School case for class discussion
-Participate in online discussion before Tuesday's class
-Determine the clauses of the Constitution that are relevant or related to business
-Determine topic for semester-long research paper with team members
-Choose several Wall Street Journal articles on topic to present to class

Business Strategy
-Order two novels online
-Read business cases & complete discussion questions for Tuesday's class
-Begin presentation preparation with team members for Thursday's presentation
-Contact team member to begin business plan project
-Update all due dates for future assignments

Business Portfolio
-Begin preparation of upcoming presentation with team member
-Edit biographical essay
-Update resume for Tuesday's class
-Take Meyers Briggs test for Tuesday's class
-Read textbook chapter & take notes

Independent Study
-Edit citations & put into APA format
-Create a timeline of events for business case
-Start writing of business case
-Read second business case for reference

My big stack of work still left to study

It's going to be a busy day! One thing that's nice is that, though most of my classes are difficult & work intensive, I have a few easier classes to balance out all the work. It helps to have a mix of classes, otherwise I would be so overwhelmed!

Now I'm off, back to homework. Feel free to email with any questions!

January 24, 2015

What It Means to Be a Second Semester Senior

It's crazy to think that I only have thirteen weeks of college classes left. It's even crazier to know that in three and a half months, I'll be graduating from Saint Mike's. Where has the time gone? It seems like I just barely moved into Joyce & started my first college classes.

Leaving Saint Mike's will be incredibly sad. I love it here! Burlington is gorgeous, I have made amazing friends, I got to study abroad, & I really found myself & discovered what it is I want to do in my life. But mostly, I will really miss the people of Saint Mike's. Moving away means that I won't see Tara, my first year work study boss, or Rosemary, who swipes students into the dining hall. I'll miss all of the staff that work in admissions & everyone that works in the dining hall. I also won't see my dedicated & caring professors, who wrote me letters of recommendation, included me in research projects & recommended me for business competitions.

As sad as it will be to leave Saint Mike's, I'm actually really excited for this semester & for graduation. On Monday I applied to graduate school & I can't wait to start. I'm planning to complete a joint program that will allow me to earn an MBA & a JD, or law degree, in four years. I just applied to law schools and now I'm nervously awaiting the results, which will come any time between February and May.

My final semester at Saint Mike's will be a busy one. I'm taking six classes this semester in order to fulfill all of the class requirements that I have left. I'm also keeping up my same extacurriculars - I'm working as a peer tutor, tour guide & blogger, I'm in charge of the blog program as Online Media & Communications Coordinator, & I'm a mentor through MOVE, our community service group. I'm also trying to see my friends as much as possible & I'm trying to apply for summer jobs & internships.

This semester I'm taking some awesome classes:
-Behavioral Neuroscience
-Business & Public Policy
-Business Portfolio
-Business Strategy
-Legal Environment of Business
-Independent Study - creating a business case with several professors

Honestly, I'm loving my classes so far. A lot of them are pretty difficult but they're all interesting. I think it's going to be a great semester.

Before I sign off, here are a couple photos I took this week at Saint Mike's-

Gorgeous sunset by the 200's townhouses

Loving this snowy campus!

Also, on Monday we have our first Knightchat of the semester! Please join us online at 7:30pm to ask questions about Saint Mike's. The bloggers will be ready to answer about anything!

Please email with any questions!

January 22, 2015

Back at Saint Mike's - Starting Spring Semester 2015

Fall semester was the busiest semester I've ever had. I had difficult classes, I was studying for the LSAT, and I was working on my law school applications. Overall, fall semester made me a big ball of stress.

Luckily, fall semester is over! I was home for Christmas break & spent time visiting family & friends, sleeping in, cooking, and watching tv. It was a dream! I also got to spend a few days in Boston, which is one of my favorite places. Here are a few pictures of my relaxing break-

I went to tea in Boston with my family when I first got home

Had a really wonderful Christmas with my family

Met up with some summer internship friends in Boston

Tried an awesome Venezuelan restaurant for New Year's Eve

I also spent time over break preparing for spring semester (aka ordering textbooks & checking out class syllabi) and applying to law school. Lucky for you, I don't have any photos of my time spent lounging or typing up essays!

Now, I'm back at Saint Mike's! We're already two weeks into the semester & work is piling up! I'm excited to be here & to be starting my final semester of college. I have a busy semester ahead of me, full of business classes & my senior thesis. I'll be blogging about that soon!

Email me with any questions!