January 22, 2015

Back at Saint Mike's - Starting Spring Semester 2015

Fall semester was the busiest semester I've ever had. I had difficult classes, I was studying for the LSAT, and I was working on my law school applications. Overall, fall semester made me a big ball of stress.

Luckily, fall semester is over! I was home for Christmas break & spent time visiting family & friends, sleeping in, cooking, and watching tv. It was a dream! I also got to spend a few days in Boston, which is one of my favorite places. Here are a few pictures of my relaxing break-

I went to tea in Boston with my family when I first got home

Had a really wonderful Christmas with my family

Met up with some summer internship friends in Boston

Tried an awesome Venezuelan restaurant for New Year's Eve

I also spent time over break preparing for spring semester (aka ordering textbooks & checking out class syllabi) and applying to law school. Lucky for you, I don't have any photos of my time spent lounging or typing up essays!

Now, I'm back at Saint Mike's! We're already two weeks into the semester & work is piling up! I'm excited to be here & to be starting my final semester of college. I have a busy semester ahead of me, full of business classes & my senior thesis. I'll be blogging about that soon!

Email me with any questions!

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