March 29, 2015

Senior Thesis

Every senior has to create a thesis. Usually this is a research paper but some majors have other requirements. In the business department, we need to create a business plan.

My exciting news of the week - I finished my thesis! I handed in my business plan last week & ended up getting an A on it! I'm so happy to have that big project done.

However, we have an awesome alumni who contributes money every year for the "Enterprise Plan Competition." Every student can choose to submit their business plan to the competition. The finalists present their plans to a panel of judges & the winner get a prize of $5,000.

So, even though my business plan is done for my class, I have a lot of editing to do before the competition deadline on April 1st.

Here's the almost finished copy!

I'm really excited about my business plan. My plan is for an online magazine, named South Station. It's all about celebrating the extraordinaries of everyday life. I want to create a magazine that is less about negative news & celebrity adoration & more about positive, fun, empowering, & funny content.

I've actually wanted to start my own magazine for some time now & plan to start this business after graduation. My mother is a writer and works in advertising & is just as excited about this idea. We plan to start this business together, starting this summer.

I had been planning to go to law school, but I want to eventually work in the district attorney's office, which wouldn't pay enough to pay back the loans required. For now I'm happy - I'm moving home to Boston, finding a job in politics, & starting this magazine. I'm so excited!

Feel free to email with any questions!

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