April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

This past weekend Saint Mike's had a long, four day weekend for Easter. We had Friday and Monday off & most students chose to go home to celebrate with their families.

Since I just went home for spring break, I chose to stay at Saint Mike's this weekend. I might have also been feeling a little sad, since my time at Saint Mike's is coming to an end. I had an awesome weekend - & unfortunately I had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures. But no worries, I do have a few photos of my weekend plans to share.

I started the weekend hanging with friends. Last week I lucky enough to finish all my homework by Wednesday, which gave me time to see friends that night. I had so much fun because many of my friends are media studies, journalism, & digital arts majors (MJD for short) & they all had their senior theses due. Since they finished on Wednesday, I got to see friends who I hadn't seen in weeks. Friends who are 21 plus decided to celebrate with trivia night at a local bar - which we won! It was a fun and relaxing start to the weekend.

Trivia winners

For much of the weekend I focused on completing big homework assignments. With the end of a semester comes end of the year presentations, exams & essays. I have a lot coming up so I've been in my room a lot studying.

One surprise of the weekend - it was sunny & warm! Like much of New England, we've has a harsh, cold & long winter. Finally, spring is starting to come! It was a pretty sunny weekend & one day it hit 65 degrees. I recruited a friend to go for a walk through the nature trails on campus & we spent some time wandering around on Church Street.

Celebrating sunshine

On Saturday my friend's parents came up to visit & were nice enough to invite me to dinner! We went to The Farmhouse, off of Church Street, & it was so much fun. The food was amazing & my friend's parents are so fun & incredibly nice.

I've been busy studying & doing laundry for the rest of the weekend. Today though, I took a break to grab brunch with my friend at Sneakers, which is a restaurant just a few minutes from campus. Brunch was so good & we took some time to walk around by the water afterwards. Sneakers is located by an old mill building that's been converted into offices. It was a little chilly today, but it was nice to be outside.

Cute sign by the water

Cloudy & chilly day by the mill

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