March 29, 2015

Spring Break

Last week I had my last spring break of college. Lately I've been noticing how close we are to the end of the semester. I'm so close to giving my last tour, blog for the last time, go to my final class. It's crazy to think that college is almost over!

So last week was spring break. I had an awesome time - I got to see my family, relax, & do some adventuring. This is how my week went-

We stayed at Hotel Vermont - a very cool & new hotel!

A very frozen Lake Champlain

A treat at Ben & Jerry's

 My parents visited me in Vermont for the weekend. It was so lovely to show them around Burlington. Usually it's difficult to visit on the weekends because I have so much homework to do for the upcoming week. It was cool to have time to just chill with my parents & not worry about assignments being due on Monday.

Hipster coffee shop in Williamsburg

Lunch at a German-style Brat & Beer Garden

Views of Manhattan from Brooklyn

I drove home on Sunday with my parents & traveled to New York City on Monday to visit my brother. He goes to school in the city so it's always fun to visit him & do some exploring. We also got in to see a taping of Seth Meyers' show, which was so fun!

To end the week, I came home for a few days & relaxed with my family. It also happened to be my grandfather's 89th birthday, so we all celebrated & I got to see my aunts & cousins.

Over all, it was a fun & relaxing spring break. Now it's time to work hard to finish out this semester!

Feel free to email with any questions!

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