March 10, 2015

Accepted Student Programs

Every spring we have awesome events for students who were accepted to Saint Mike's but who are still considering whether or not to commit. I love these programs, because they really give students the chance to spend some time at SMC & to understand what we're all about. Furthermore, these accepted students are usually very excited about Saint Mike's & it's fun to have that energy around.

One of the dancers at Arts Riot

Prospective students at Arts Riot

This past weekend we had a big accepted student events, where prospective students spent a night at the college. The event was so fun - students spent time on campus, talking to professors, & seeing dorm rooms. Then students went to arts riot, an art & event space downtown, to eat, talk, & see some live performers, including dancers & some singers from Saint Mike's. The students ended the night with bowling & pizza.

President Neuhauser came to Arts Riot to visit with prospective students

My friends & fellow seniors Mary & Bizzy

I loved this event - it really showed some of the perks of SMC, including our awesome community & our cool location outside of Burlington. It was also cool to see the students who might be coming here next year. As a senior, it made me sentimental & a little emotional.

The founders coordinators, Brian, Bizzy, me, & Erin

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