April 18, 2012

Wonderful Burlington!


As many of you know, the local downtown hang out for us Saint Mike's kids is Church Street in Burlington. Church Street is about 10 minutes away (we take the CCTA city bus system for free with our Knightcards!) & has tons of delicious restaurants, adorable shops, & entertaining street performers. My friend Lauren also blogged about this a bit - check it out!

Last weekend a bunch of us headed into Burlington on Friday to go out to eat & watch the sunset over Lake Champlain!

First we ate at Sky Burger - pretty cheap and SO good!

Then we all walked down to Lake Champlain - the sunset was gorgeous

A bit hard to see, but this is one of my favorite street performers.
Here he's doing a hand stand on top of five precariously balanced chairs.

The rest of my weekend was amazing too! As I'm mentioned before, I'm a 'big sister' in LBLS (Little Brother, Little Sister) Mentoring through the Saint Mike's community service group, called MOVE. On Saturday I went to Pizza Putt with my 'little sister' and we had so much fun! Pizza Putt has arcade games, pizza, a playground, bumper cars, and mini golf...and we did everything! She had a blast and it's sad that I can't see her all summer.

THEN on Sunday, Saint Mike's had Earth Fest! It was held in the gym because it was supposed to rain and there was so much to do - free burgers with all local ingredients, bike-powered smoothies, an amazing band called Mission South (which I'm not obsessed with), tie-dye, a chance to plant some flowers, and free Ben & Jerry's!

My friends Cait & Vick after planting some seeds in Ben & Jerry's containers.

Overall I had an amazing weekend - with all that Burlington & Saint Mike's has to offer, how can you go wrong? This weekend is sure to be amazing too - like I said in my last post, it's parents weekend so I get to show my parents all around SMC & Burlington!

Be on the look out for more lovely posts, coming soon! Email me with any questions!

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