April 17, 2012

Video Blog

Ahhh my very first Vlog post!

Inspiration struck...after I saw my friend Lauren's vlog post (it's pretty funny, so check it out here!). I know that technically I'm stealing this idea, but vlogging is so much fun!

Attractive freeze-frame photo they chose, huh?

As you can tell, life is just grand! It's been extremely busy and slightly stressful, but I've just been especially happy lately - it must be all of the warm, sunny weather!

Like I said, find me on Twitter, Formspring, or Facebook (so many ways to contact me...) OR Email me with any questions! If it's not obvious, I LOVE helping prospective students & talking about Saint Mike's so ask away! Look for some more info-packed blog posts coming soon!


  1. Woot! Fellow bloggers unite!

  2. WAHHHH I tried to watch your video and it's unavailable! Oh well, I will try again later. Can't wait to see it :)