April 12, 2012

'I Love Reading your Blog'

Hi Alex!

My name is Victoria and I am about 30 minutes from Boston. I have been reading all of the SMC Blogs since being accepted and I really enjoy reading your blog. This may be because I also research everything like crazy and am not the most outgoing person. It was also interesting to read that your are not the typical college student, which is another way I am similar to you. I am coming to visit for accepted students’ day this weekend and now I am not as nervous about college life. I have never seen St. Mike’s so I’m hoping I love it.

Keep it Up!

Hey Victoria!
Thanks so much for your email - it totally made my day! It's so refreshing to hear that my blog is actually helping prospective students like it's meant to!
How did you like your visit to Saint Mike's? I'd love to hear whatcha think & of course feel free to ask me any questions. In fact, find me on facebook, twitter, or formspring!
Also, I definitely recommend attending one of our 'Knight Chats' if you have questions about SMC. Have you heard about them before? It's basically like an IM chatroom sesh with a bunch of the current student bloggers. We're having one today from 7:30 - 9 pm & I'll be on it. Here's the link!

Again, let me know if you have any questions. Thanks so much for your feedback & positive words!

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