November 7, 2011

Higher Ground

Hello! It is a lovely, gorgeous, beautiful day out today & I am in a wonderfully happy mood!

There's a whole mess of things going on in my life right now, but I thought I'd backtrack a little & share about a concert I went to back in October with my friend Emma (who's birthday is tomorrow, so birthday shout out!)

In Burlington, there's a wonderful tiny little concert venue called Higher Ground. It's right close by and really easy to get to by bus (it's about 15 minutes away because you need to switch buses downtown). Tickets are also pretty cheap! This past summer my Uncle got me tickets to see a cool folk/bluegrass band called Crooked Still & Emma came to the show with me last month.

At Higher Ground, we got some delicious nachos for dinner (also surprisingly cheap!) and then sat down to see the show! It started at about 8 PM I believe, and it lasted until 11:30, however we left at 10:30ish because we had classes the next day!

The first band to perform was the 'warm-up act' named Mike and Ruthy. They were SO FANTASTIC! They played a billion amazing songs (the video of my favorite is down below - it's a cover of a Tom Petty song I believe), and they were also super cute. They're married & have a two year-old son who they talked about so much.

Then it was time for Crooked Still! Now, I realize that not everyone enjoys this type of music, but no matter what you have to admit that these musicians are so TALENTED. They played some amazing songs, some of which I hadn't heard before. Two of my favorites are down below. My favorite was written by the banjo player, but I couldn't actually get a video of it (but never fear, I found it on youtube!). The other is a great song called "Ain't No Grave" (which is actually a Johnny Cash cover) that I was able to record at the show.

'It'll End Too Soon'

'Ain't No Grave'

That's it for now! Expect another post later this week about class registration & all sorts of other stuff! If you have any questions in the meantime, send me an email or tweet me!

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