November 10, 2011

So many exciting things!

HEY EVERYONE! So many great things happening lately!

First of all, I registered for classes today! I'll write more about that in a second. I have much more exciting news!


Yup, you read that right. We choreographed a dance with our teacher & performed it in the middle of a very crowded Alliot. Check out some videos of it below!

I found these first two on youtube, but I didn't take them myself. I also couldn't get them to load onto my blog (so many technical difficulties!) but find them on my twitter profile!

1. "In the Studio: Preparing for Alliot" - you can see our dance really well here. I'm the one on the left with bright blue socks who looks like she's not having any fun (but I really am!).

2. "Alliot Flash Mob SMC" - this is us in Alliot! You can't see me here, but you can see our group as a whole really well. I'm way back in the far right.

3. My Video! - this one's posted below. It's a little hard to see, but it's a view from behind us. I'm the one with blondish hair & the sweatshirt.

In other, slightly less exciting news, I registered for classes this morning! I was going to fill up the rest of this post with wonderful stories about classes & the technical challenges of registering online, but alas, I think this post is getting too long.

I'll blog all about registration Friday afternoon or this weekend (maybe while I'm watching the ALL NEW HARRY POTTER DVD with my friend Merrill?!). Hope you all enjoyed watching our flash mob, & I'll blog soon!

Tweet me with any questions you might have! :)

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