October 25, 2011



Just wanted to let prospective students & their parents that we will be having a Knight Chat for Parents on Thursday from 7:30-9 pm.

Knight Chats are basically an online chat room, where students & parents can ask questions about Saint Mike's! We have several Knight Chats throughout the year and they can be for prospective students or for parents. If you've been in contact with SMC, you should get emails about upcoming Knight Chats.

At each chat there are several bloggers to answer every question! We have quite a mix of bloggers, so you should be able to hear a wide variety of opinions and experiences.

This Thursday I will be answering questions at the Knight Chat! Fellow bloggers Alexandra, Lauren, Beth, and Sam will be there as well. Check out Lauren & Alexandras' posts about Knight Chats here & here.

Knight Chats are a really great way to learn about & get a feel for the school. They definitely helped me decide that I was interested in Saint Mike's and wanted to tour.

SO TELL YOUR PARENTS ABOUT KNIGHT CHAT! I know that my mom had a million questions when I was looking at schools, and this is a great way for parents to figure everything out.

If you have any questions, ask me on formspring! Can't wait to meet so many excited parents on Thursday!