October 4, 2011


Let me start this post with a super awesome family memory. For years my family went camping, for one week every single summer, as our family vacation. While we've gone to Acadia Nation Park in Maine the past seven years or so, we first started camping in New Hampshire.

The first memory I have from camping involves a crazy rainy night when I was seven. It was about 8 or 9 pm and it was pouring outside, so we went to Loon Mountain to get some hot chocolate.

And, TA-DA, there on tv was the very first season of SURVIVOR! It was the first time that we'd ever seen the show, and my family was hooked. It's become sort of a dad-and-daughter thing (I know, just so cute right?), and we've watched the show ever since...all 11 years and 23 seasons of it.

SO now the good part!

While I've been at school here at Saint Mike's, I've been looking for ways to have an "un-common" college experience. Sure I want to have all the wonderful experiences as normal college students, but I also want to do something unexpected! And here is where fate comes in...

About a week ago I was on facebook, and I saw an ad (way on the right in the little tiny column with all of the birthdays and "people you may know" and random movie advertisements). It was some ad for Survivor something-or-others, but I clicked on it anyway.

I explored the Survivor site, and saw an area to apply for Survivor. And OHMYGOODNESS I got so excited. For years I've wanted to be on the show, and now that I'm finally eighteen, I CAN (you know, as long as they pick me and all that jazz).

SO I am now about to shock your socks off and tell you...THAT I APPLIED TO BE ON SURVIVOR. Basically, to sum up all of the above, I may be a future millionaire/have the title of sole Survivor...like whoa.

So for your entertainment, here is my audition video! PLEASE don't judge me; I did the best I could in the few days I had (& during such a busy week)!

And AGAIN to sum up everything, I dare you to find something that excites you and just go for it. I mean sure, there's about a one in a million chance that I'll get picked to be on the show, but what if I do get picked & have the experience of a lifetime?

Tell me what exciting thing you want to do in life! Or, you know, ask about my Survivor dreams, the college search, or about Saint Mike's! Find me on Twitter or shoot me an email!