October 24, 2011

It's Autumn!

Hello everybody! HAPPY FALL! This is my favorite season & it's so beautiful outside!

This is a picture of the quad - the building there is Lyons Hall.

School at SMC is going wonderfully! I am extremely busy lately, but I'm still having a ton of fun!

I do have to apologize that I haven't blogged in so long! But I'm starting this whole "better me" thing where I focus more on schoolwork, BLOG MORE & don't have the totally delicious soft-serve from Alliot everyday. It's so difficult!

Just thought I'd use this post to update you all on my classes & let you know about advising sessions.

First thing is classes:

As you might have seen in my past post, I am taking a First Year Seminar called Horses & Healing.

I'm also taking Accounting, Business, Spanish, and a half-credit Dance class.

For Financial Accounting: I have an EARLY class at 8:10 every Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I'm not usually a math person, but as a (possible) business minor I need to take two accounting classes. I've actually done really well in this class and it's kind of fun!

For Business: Again, as a (possible) business minor, I need to take this introductory business class called Critical Thinking and Communication. This class is a lot of work because it's basically an overview of all aspects of business, including finance, marketing, and management. However, the class is also a ton of fun. Throughout the semester, we need to create a real business. My group is selling SMC winter beanies, and it's pretty exciting to have the chance to use so many different business skills right now.

For Spanish: I've taken Spanish since Middle School, which means I've been learning about it for seven years. But in order to graduate, you need to take, or test out of, a level two Spanish class. When I took the foreign language placement test during my Summer Registration Day (learn about that here!) I placed into the level two class. That means that, after passing this class at the end of the semester, I no longer need to take Spanish (unless I decide to minor or major in it).

For Dance: In order to graduate, every student needs to take an Artistic Experience class. This can be music ensemble, dance, painting, etc. I took dance because I thought it would be interesting and would give me a little bit of exercise. Also, since it's only a half-credit course, I have little work outside of class and can fit it in with my other four classes. It's a great break during the day.

Now about advising:

Just quickly about this, every semester each student meets with his/her advisor before registering for classes. The exception to this is the first semester of freshman year when first-year students either mail in their desired classes or meet with a temporary advisor on Summer Registration Day.

As an education major, I feel like this advising session is extremely important. Education majors need to double major, and there are a lot of classes to fit in. Especially if you want to study abroad (like I do!) you need to carefully plan out your courses. That's why education majors all have a "Four-Year Plan" which includes several folders and sticky notes that represent each class you need to take. I'll write about this more later, but this was really helpful for me to plan out what classes I need to take next semester.

I have a little more to straighten out before I can register for classes (on November 10, so close!) & I'll let you all know all about advising, next semester's classes, and registration day when I have everything figured out!

Until then, ask me anything about Saint Mike's! I'd love to hear from you on formspring, twitter, or by email! Talk to you soon!