July 5, 2012

Super Awesome College Tips

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July & are having an amazing summer!

A it gets closer & closer to move-in day (49 days to go!) I wanted to give all the first-years some tips for an amazing first year of college! Here goes:

1) Take advantage of campus resources
Moving in to college is kind of scary. Yes, it's amazing and fun and totally awesome but it's also a huge change. Don't be afraid of using all the resources around you! Orientation leaders are so happy to answer any of your questions, as are other students, staff, and professors. Everyone wants you to be comfortable & happy!

2) Alliot is pronounced 'ally-o'
This was by far the best advice I ever received before coming to Saint Mike's

3) Be friendly!
It's hard to be outgoing & friendly to everyone during orientation, especially since you don't really feel at home at Saint Mike's yet. No matter what though, it's extremely important to talk to people! No need to go crazy, just be a little friendly, chat with the people near you at orientation activities, and leave your door open when you're in your room so you can meet people on your floor.

4) Make a good impression on your professors
Obviously it's hugely beneficial to have your professors like you. More than that, when your professors know that you're a good student, they'll be more inclined to give you grades to reflect that. About 99% of this has to do with actually doing good work, but the other 1% has to do with how your professor feels about you. By arriving early or on-time to class, being respectful to your professor, contributing to class discussions, and going above and beyond on papers and assignments, especially early in the semester, professors will definitely like you and want to help you succeed.

5) Have fun!
Freshman year is a strange time because it's all about getting used to life on your own. For many people, college is the first time you're out on your own, away from your parents. You need to make new friends, get used to a new room, take harder classes, eat cafeteria food, etc. Everything is different and a lot of freshmen year is about exploring Saint Mike's and the surrounding area. While this is scary and nerve-wracking, it's so much fun!

I'm so excited for all you first-year students & I can't wait to meet you all next month! If you have any questions email me or send me a tweet!


  1. AnonymousJuly 05, 2012

    Love these tips, thanks girl! - Alexa L

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  3. Thanks girls! So glad it was helpful!