October 27, 2013

Long Weekend & a Visit From My Parents

Happy Sunday!

My apologies for not blogging for a bit. I've been swamped (homework, study abroad planning, looking at grad school, various clubs, etc.) and I didn't realize how long it's been until this weekend.

So a couple weeks ago we had a long, four day weekend. My parents decided to come up and visit for the weekend, which was awesome because:

1) I love my parents
2) I got to show them around my school / the new student center
3) They took me out for delicious meals in Burlington
4) I didn't have to do homework until Monday after they left

We had a lot of fun! I got to show them my favorite spots on Church Street, they saw my townhouse, they bought me groceries and good stuff, & we walked along an awesome bike path by Lake Champlain.

Hopefully I'll be blogging again this week! Until then, email me with any questions!

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