August 5, 2011

Feelin' the crunch

Nineteen Days until Move-in Day!

As orientation gets closer, I'm feeling the stress of buying stuff for my dorm & packing it all up. But something I didn't expect as much? I'm starting to get so sad about leaving my friends & family!

About a week ago, when I was trying to meet up with a couple of my friends, it suddenly hit me that soon I wouldn't see them for months. All of us are so busy with work, buying college things, vacations, and all that fun stuff. Now that we're having trouble all hanging out together, I'm trying to fit in as much time as possible with em all.

Since then I've been feeling a little bit more nervous about school. Sure I'm super excited, but I didn't think about all of the awkwardness that goes along with orientation. You're there with a couple hundred strangers without your friends or your own room. And after just having found my place in high school, it seems so strange to move on and start new!

But as I said, I'm very excited. Lately I've been talking to a girl I met on POW (see my last post to find out all about this) and we've talked about starting a baking club next year. Haha, if this will actually happen...well, we'll just have to wait and see! Either way, I'm excited to have already met someone that I get along with and I'm psyched to get involved at SMC.

And's going to be crazy chaos trying to get all my college things together! I have soo much to buy still, but I'll update you all on it soon! As of right now, I do have the cutest comforter that's dark blue with bright flowers on it. I also have new comfy pillows & a pink fan! Whoo hoo for new college stuff!