September 4, 2011


Let me start by saying that I have not been homesick at all since I got to Saint Mike's. Surprisingly, I got right into a schedule, met a couple friends, and felt right at home. Since move-in day I've just felt like this is where I belong.

But in the past day or so, I've started to miss my parents a little bit. Not in a sad way, but in a 'I-have-so-many-little-things-to-tell-you that-there-is-no-way-I-can-convey-it-all-in-a-single-phone-call' sort of way. My parents are really some of my best friends and it's just been weird to not talk to them about everything. So my substitute? Writing my mom a three page email discussing everything that happened to me this past week. Therapeutic for me? Yes. Super annoying for my mom to read? Probably.

So today I was still feeling that weird/not exactly sad/sort of homesickness, and the oppressive heat & major amount of studying I had definitely did not help my mood. THEN the kindness monster came out of nowhere.

First, while coming back from dinner, a random girl told me that I had cool sandals (and yes they really are super cool). No major thing, but very nice just the same. Then while doing MORE homework in my super stuffy dorm room, I got a text from my friend's mom. Her mom just texted me saying good luck in college & quoting our favorite country song (Summer Girl by Jessica Andrews). And ohmygoodness I just felt so happy.

After this I started thinking about kindness and how we always always forget how much a little gesture can mean. Complimenting my shoes & sending me a nice text were so easy and quick! And they really made my day! So as of today I'm really going to try to go out of my way to be nice. More than just holding the door for people or saying hi to my floor mates - I'm talking about helping someone pick up the papers they dropped, searching for a classroom with them if they're lost, or smiling at random people because IT'S NICE!
So who's with me? Send me a tweet to tell me what kind thing you are going to do - whether it's at Saint Mike's or in your own town!

And listen to Summer Girl right here (it's such a great song!).