September 15, 2011


Good Morning! Today is the kind of day that just makes you want to lie in the grass and sing some Zac Brown Band (or is that just me?).

My super good mood reminded me of an super cool organization I heard about this past summer while in Maine with my girl scout troop. We had a bonfire one night and a bunch of the girls met this kid named James on the beach. He came to our bonfire to play guitar, and we learned all about his organization called "Lad in a Battle".

Basically, "Lad in a Battle" is a 'do-good' organization. There are "Lad in a Battle" shirts (or "Lass in a Battle" if you're a girl!) that James sells, and the proceeds from these sales go to Make-a-Wish Foundation. Also, while wearing these shirts, you're supposed to do one good deed, like helping someone pick up their spilled papers or holding the door open for someone. How wonderful is that!

James also sings and plays guitar. The song I have stuck in right now, Boat Shoes, is posted below! It's so catchy! And it's a little funny. Check out even more songs by going to the "Lad in a Battle" page on Youtube here.

The last point about "Lad in a Battle" is that the name represents the individual battle that each of us needs to fight. In Maine, James told us that his battle was in not being an "average" college student by choosing not to drink or do drugs (this was the part where our girl scout leader was convinced that he was the perfect boy).

If you want to order a shirt, click here! And check out the Lad in a Battle Website right here!

Next week I'll post about my classes - what I'm taking, how awesome my professors are - and a little bit about the clubs I've joined!

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