January 22, 2012

The SMC Life

Hello everyone!

I am officially back at Saint Mike's! It's been a crazy week full of work and activities, but I'm so happy to be back with my friends and I love my new classes! Since I have a ton of homework to finish up tonight, here's just a quick review of my week:

I arrived at Saint Mike's! On Saturday night my roommate, Lhanzi, took the train from Boston to Franklin (5 minutes from my house) and stayed the night. Then, Sunday morning, we packed up and headed back to SMC! My brother came along to check out my school and have fun in Burlington.

Classes started! Monday/Wednesday/Friday I have Accounting, Spanish, and Psychology. After classes my brother and I went into Burlington and ate at the Skinny Pancake, a crepe place that has delicious food and adorable decor.

More classes! Tuesday/Thursday I have my Christianity and Dance classes. Also, my brother left Tuesday morning via Megabus, which I've mentioned before as being so quick and cheap! They have a bus that leave from Burlington and arrives in Boston.

After classes I had liturgical choir, where we practiced for an upcoming trip to Maine. In two weeks we'll be gone from Thursday afternoon to Sunday night, and we're going to sing at a bunch of high schools and parishes in Maine. I am so so so excited for this trip - it's going to be a blast!

Just more classes and getting some homework done in the library.My friend Emma and I studied together and caused shenanigans when we started laughing at EVERYTHING (...we were pretty exhausted). We also found a new amazing place to study!

Emma, Merrill, Me, and Vick - and yes, we all wore plaid
on Thursday on purpose.

I had an absolutely exhausting week with so much school work! Friday night my friends Merrill, Emma, Vick, and I watched a movie and generally just had a crazy fun time together. I didn't realize how much I missed them over break!

We did SO MUCH HOMEWORK on Saturday. Merrill, Emma, Vick, and I spent about five hours in the library studying. Then we got some dinner and met up with our totally amazing friends Inali and Amelia! We all went to the Comedy Battle at Higher Ground. It was hilarious and we had so much fun! I saw my blogger friend Lauren there - check out a couple videos from the night on Lauren's blog.

So many errands! Since I now have my car on campus (go Saint Mike's for allowing first-years to have a car second semester!) my friends & I did a whole bunch of errands AND went to the Skinny Pancake for some breakfast (yes...I believe that I am addicted). After doing some more homework I went to church/liturgical choir, and now here I am!

So, I have had an amazingly chaotic but happy first week back at Saint Mike's! Being back here reminds me how much I love my friends, my classes, and my school! Next week is sure to get even busier with LBLS (Little Brother, Little Sister Mentoring) and ZUMBA starting up again! I'm excited but I'm feeling the tiniest bit stressed!

Be on the look out for some new posts coming about my classes, having a roommate, and a whole bunch of other good stuff. Tweet or Formspring me with any questions about SMC!

P.S. Check out these beautiful pictures of Saint Mike's:

The green just outside the library!

The library - it's gorgeous!

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