January 12, 2012

First Post of 2012!


As the end of vacation nears, I'm gearing up to start studying again at Saint Mike's! While I'm excited to see my friends (and okay, I'm a little excited to start classes - Spanish, Accounting, Psych, Ballet, and Christianity), I'm definitely going to miss seeing my family and being lazy!

SO as an apology to my lack of blogging this past month, here's a little review of my vacation:

1. Being lazy - and boy, have I been lazy! It's been really great to not have any school work and to sleep in most days.

2. Catching up with my friends - I have gone on so many mall runs and coffee breaks with my friends! It's been such a relief to hang out with my friends and see that nothing's changed with us - we've all just picked up where we left off.

3. Seeing my family - when I'm at school I really miss my parents and brother, and I've loved seeing them this past month!

That's my twin brother and I - charming, right?

4. Working - oh the joys of work! I actually like my job (I mean as much as you can like working). I work at a pet fish store, which has not only helped me learn so much useless info. about fish, but has also been fun. I absolutely love my bosses and the girls I work with.

5. Visiting Cambridge - I went to Cambridge twice this vacation - once with my family for New Year's Eve, and once with my mom to shop and get lunch. Here are some lovely pictures of my adventures:

Such an artsy photo - kudos to my mom.

This is a masterpiece - just me and Charlie Chaplin chillin.

Ahh, it's Harvard! I felt so prestigious on that campus.

Get it? Like Thelonious Monk the jazz musician...but a restaurant.

 Definitely the funniest mannequins I've ever seen.


6. Getting my Gold Award - I think I mentioned before that I was a Girl Scout for thirteen years, and this past summer I got my Gold Award, which is the highest award a Girl Scout can earn! About a week ago, I officially got my award, and I'm so happy! I'm waiting to get a couple pictures from the night, which I'll upload soon!


All in all, an absolutely amazing winter break! But now I'm ready to get back to SMC, start some new classes, see my friends, and go skiing! Most importantly, if you have any questions about Saint Mike's, PLEASE send me an email - I love to talk about SMC!

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