December 24, 2011

Blogger Love

"Did you read the blogs before coming to st mike's? are you friends with many of the bloggers?"

I did read the Saint Mike's blogs before coming to SMC! After I got accepted to Saint Mike's, I was pretty certain that I wanted to go here for school, but I was having a hard time making my mind up. I started exploring the SMC website to get a better feel of the school and the blogs definitely helped me understand what SMC is all about. I read about the loving, community aspect of the school, and after coming to SMC, I can tell you that the blogs portrayed Saint Mike's 100% correctly. I've loved every minute of my first semester and I'm so thankful that I go to such a wonderful, happy school with such a caring community of students, staff, and professors!

I'm friends with a bunch of the bloggers! Since we have several blogger trainings and events, most of us know one another. However, I'm good friends with Alexandra and Lauren and I see them just about every week. I also know Marci and Kayley (from Liturgical Choir), Sarah (from my Pre-Orientation Weekend), Maura (from LINK - a group that's part of campus ministry), and Tarah (from my Spanish class). Blogging both helped me meet new friends and allowed me to share my wonderful experiences from Saint Mike's!

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