December 4, 2011

Christmas Comes But Once a Year

Good morning everyone! It is a cloudy, overcast Monday morning, but I am in a surprisingly good mood!

So the next two weeks on campus are CRUNCH TIME. We have finals in one week, and this last week of classes is filled with end-of-the-semester quizzes, tests, papers, and homework. Everyone is feeling the stress! However, the Saint Mike's Campus is also getting Christmas-y!

There are trees in the Alliot lobby, in the dining hall, in Hoehl, the Welcome Center. It's so exciting! There are also two ginormous trees outside between the library and chapel that have lights on them! All these decorations are really getting me in the Christmas spirit!

So pretty!

SO since it's nearing the end of the semester, a few of my friends decided that it was time for some Christmas shopping! We went to bustling Church Street to eat and to find some presents!

               Me & my friend Merrill
                                                                                Vick & Emma - so cute!

First we stopped at Sweetwaters to eat! This place is pretty popular & it's not too expensive. A definite plus for the broke college student is that you can sign up for their "Celebration Club" and receive a $10 coupon a couple times per year. Their food is also delicious. We had Mac & Cheese and Nachos (as my friend Emma said "Can't you tell that we're college students?").

THEN we shopped like nobody's business! I got all of my Christmas shopping done!

And finally, we ran into Mike Check - the male acapella group on campus. They were singing on Church Street for a couple hours, and they were great! Check out their blog (with videos!) here! Also, check out the Acabellas - the female acapella group at Saint Mike's. They also have a blog here and if you have any questions, ask my fellow blogger Gabbi (who's in the Acabellas!). There is one other acapella group at Saint Mike's - the Sleepless Knights - which accepts guys & gals.

Mike Check doing some serenading.

Be on the lookout for a few more SMC-filled blog posts before I head home for the Holidays! I'll update you all on the Christmas festivities here, Stress Free Knight (the Friday before finals - I heard it includes free massages!), and the craziness that is the end of the semester! Hope you're all having a wonderful December, and listen to some Christmas music!

Formspring me with any questions you have about SMC! Love always!

And as a side note - the last Knight Chat of the semester is TOMORROW NIGHT from 7:30 - 9. Check it out right here! It's a great way to ask any and all questions you have about Saint Mike's!

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