December 16, 2011

Top 10 Loveliest SMC Moments

Well, as of today I am done with Saint Mike's for this semester. At 11 AM I’m hopping on Megabus (soo cheap and an easy/quick way to get from Burlington to Boston). I’m a little sad to leave all my wonderful friends & I’m shocked that my first semester of college is already over, but I can’t wait to see my parents and celebrate Christmas!

Since it’s the end of a totally wonderful semester, I felt the need to do that corny-but-also-deep-and-retrospective-because-I'm-so-grateful thing. Henceforth, this post is officially all about my favorite moments from my first semester at SMC!

1.      Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinners - so as you may/may not have heard from other bloggers, Saint Mike's puts on a Thanksgiving and a Christmas dinner just before our Holiday vacations. It's absolutely fabulous because the cafeteria gets dressed up with tablecloths, there is so much delicious food, and EVERYONE at SMC attends. It's just so much fun to see everyone so excited for the Holidays!

It was packed!

2.      LBLS / Little Brother Little Sister – One group that I was so excited to get involved in was LBLS, in which you have to apply/interview/be chosen to become a mentor to an elementary school girl/boy. It’s a pretty big commitment because you sign on to mentor these kids for all four years that you’re at SMC, but I have had so much fun with my ‘little.’ It’s great to connect with my little and to be a positive light in her life.

    3.    Chilling in my “Second Room” – During Pre-Orientation Weekend this past summer, I met one of my really good friends, Merrill. We got along well from the second that we met, and we continued to text and talk on Facebook all summer. Merrill’s roommate is named Emma, and all three of us became super good friends. I pretty much spend all my time with them and in their room. I even got a little plaque on their door donning me their “honorary roomie”!

4.      ZUMBA – for any girl (or guy) who hasn’t tried Zumba, go to your local gym and sign up ASAP! It’s basically this work-out involving different types of dance with dance & latin music. I am totally not a “let’s go to the gym” type of person, but Zumba is so much fun that you forget that you’re exercising! I go to Zumba once a week for about an hour, and it only costs $10 for six weeks!

This is one of my favorite songs that we dance to!

5.      Dinner with my Future Suitemates – Recently, Merrill, Emma, and I have been discussing our rooming situation for next year. We’re really hoping to get an 8-person suite with some girls on their floor. A few weeks ago, the eight of us had dinner together and it was so much fun! It made me so excited for next year!

6.      Horses & Healing – My First-Year Seminar, a class required for all freshmen, was so wonderful! It was definitely the best class I’ve ever taken! The class was about the connection between humans and nature, so we spent one day a week in class having discussions, writing, taking quizzes, and listening to lectures. Then, on Thursdays we went to Good Hope Farm to help with riding lessons and barn chores. It was really an amazing learning experience; read more about it in this blog post.

7.      Roommate Talks – One of the scariest parts of college (for me anyway) was the thought of having a roommate. I’ve had my own room since I was about four, and I’m a little bit of a neat freak. However, I totally adore my roommate! Her name is Lhanzi, and she’s from Nepal. We have so many deep conversations about politics and God and global warming. Our most recent discussion was about the meaning of life. Our conversations may be little strange, but we get along super well and it’s been so much fun sharing a room with her!

8.      Liturgical Choir – In high school I played flute for four years, and before that I played violin for five years. I planned on playing in one of the ensembles here at Saint Mike’s, but then decided to take it easy during my first semester and not join TOO many clubs. However, my love of music drew me to liturgical choir. And it is so totally amazing! We practice once a week and sing every Sunday at church along with a few musicians. Lit Choir accepts everyone (for example, I can’t sing at all but totally have a blast in choir!) and the Choir Director (shout out to Jerome) is amazing! He’s so funny and we have so much fun, but he also makes sure we sound great.

9.      The First Snow - Although Vermont is known for its super cold weather, we’ve had almost no snow this December! When it did snow last week, my friend Merrill and I were so excited! We ran around and jumped up and down and yelled really loudly. We got a few strange looks, but we were just so happy!

10.  Blogging – I’ve totally loved blogging and sharing my experiences with you all! I really enjoy helping prospective students and, of course, showing my love of Saint Mike’s!

I hope you all have an absolutely fabulous Christmas & Holiday Season! Formspring me with any questions about Saint Mike's! Best of Wishes!

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