June 8, 2012

Summer Adventures

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a lovely end of school year/start of summer!

To all the soon-to-be first-years, CONGRATULATIONS on graduating from high school! That's a huge deal & while you may be a bit nervous for college, it's so exciting to be a college freshman!

Just a little update on my life...

I have a summer job as a counselor at a local summer camp but, since that doesn't start until the end of June, I've pretty much been chilling at home for the past month. It's been nice to have time to relax, and I've also been able to get a bunch of things done, like look into study abroad programs & start preparing for internships for either winter or summer break (I'm a bit early, I know. It's kinda crazy).

I've actually had a few camp trainings, and I just became CPR & First Aid certified for camp. My other big accomplishment this summer has been beautifying my bulletin board at home. It looked pretty awful but bulletin boards can be pricey, so I decorated mine using some fabric and paint. Here's the finished product:

Ta-da! Decorated & up on my wall!

I have also been working on a super secret project with my friend & fellow blogger Lauren. It has to do with blogging, but not for Saint Mike's (although I of course still love blogging about my love of SMC & will keep it up!). Lauren & I have done some great work together and, if all goes well, we can share our great news with you all soon!

My very last update has to do with a trip I took on Monday with my twin brother, Nick. Nick & I get along well & it's a little odd not seeing him all year while we're both at college (he goes to NYU). When we're home we like to go on adventures - we just spend an afternoon doing something fun, like getting lunch or going to the movies. On Monday we took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Boston & spent the day wandering the city.

First we went to Fanueil Hall & got terriyaki chicken for lunch. Afterwards we got cookies from 'The Boston Chipyard' and then looked at all the nearby shops. Next we went up to Beacon Street. For those of you who don't know Boston too well, Beacon Street is home to super wealthy people & is full of big, beautiful houses. We looked at some houses before going to the State House nearby. At the State House we walked around & saw the Governor's office & the room where they have big meetings and vote. Just before we left we saw Governor Deval Patrick giving an interview!

The State House is right in the middle with the gold top.

Ah, it's such a beautiful building!

One of the houses on Beacon Street.

So that's it! Tomorrow my family leaves for a trip to Colorado where we'll be hiking, biking, white water rafting, and zip-lining for the week! After that I'll upload some pictures from my trip & post some tips & Info for first-years!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Send me an email or find me on Twitter!

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