May 21, 2012

'How can I become a blogger?'

Happy Tuesday!

I got this question on Formspring, but I accidentally deleted it and have no way of answering it. Whoops! So sorry about that anonymous-mystery-curious-question-asking-person!

So to answer your question...

First, I'm so happy that you're interested in blogging! Like you, I became interested in becoming a blogger the summer before my first year at Saint Mike's, just one short year ago!

Officially, blogger try-outs are held about once a semester. Usually an email is sent around to all students & any interested students can create a blog & basically practice blogging for a few weeks. Afterwards, bloggers are picked to become paid bloggers & any other interested bloggers are encouraged to stay on as volunteer bloggers.

Unofficially, you can email  our Blogger Coordinator, senior Gabbi Hall, or our Assistant Director of Marketing for Social Media, Christian Camerota. This is the path that I took last summer, however this may not be an option this year - it's all up to Gabbi and Christian.

On a side note, last year in my pursuit to become a student blogger I emailed Alexandra, a student blogger whose blog I read religiously all last summer, and I actually still read now. I emailed Alexandra to ask how to become a blogger, and then met her shortly after school started. I'm so very happy to say that I'm not only great friends with Alexandra, but we're also both team leaders of LINK, one of the campus ministry groups on campus. (My friend Merrill had a similar experience of meeting Alexandra, being inspired to become a blogger, and being a new team leader of LINK just like me!), Here's an adorable Facebook status that Alexandra put up a few weeks ago:

So anonymous-question-asker, I wish you the best of luck! Blogging is a lot of fun & a great way to make friends! I'm glad you're so interested in getting involved at Saint Mike's! If you have any questions, send me an email or find me on Twitter!

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