May 1, 2012

Saint Mike's Bucket List

Hi everyone!

As the end of my first year in college is drawing to a close, I thought I'd make up a sort of bucket list of everything that I want to complete (at SMC & anywhere else) before I graduate three years from now in May, 2015. I've already completed a few things, but here goes:

-Become a tour guide
-Live in a Townhouse
-Get an internship
-Join a mentoring program
-Go swimming in Lake Champlain
-Attend an SMC sporting event
-Study abroad
-Road trip to Canada
-Go on a school trip
-Go to the Burlington farmers' market
-Go skiing at Smuggs
-Go on a Wilderness Club trip/hike
-Learn to snowboard
-Go to the Ben & Jerry's Factory
-Take a social media class
-Go climbing on the rock-climbing wall in the Tarrant gym
-Be in a flash mob
-Sing a solo in Liturgial Choir
-Make the Dean's List

Of course these tasks are of varying degrees of difficulty, but I love having goals for the three years I have left here. There's so much to do in Vermont, I need to make sure I get everything done! I'll be adding to this list in the future, and make sure to check out the links to to activities I've already completed.

I have about one week left here at Saint Mike's before I'm home for the summer. Before I leave I still have a bunch of school work (some homework, two final papers, and a final exam) as well as some fun things, like going to a Cristina Perri concert on Saturday & going out to Burlington to celebrate (or I guess 'mourn' would be a more appropriate word?) our friend Vick transferring at the end of the semester.

Congrats to everyone who officially committed to Saint Mike's for next year - I can't wait to see you all in the Fall! Ask me any questions on Formspring or by email. Happy Tuesday!

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