February 9, 2012

SMC Choir Trip & Exciting News


So as I mentioned in my last post, I am in the Liturgical Choir here at school & last weekend we went on a trip to Maine!

This trip was absolutely amazing! We left Thursday afternoon after classes & returned Sunday evening. During the weekend, we sang at four Masses, two at Catholic high schools and two at local churches. Father Brian (one of the priests here at Saint Mike's who is head of the Edmundite Campus Ministry) came with us and said each Mass.

SO, since this trip was so absolutely fabulous, I thought I'd share some pictures, as well as a few tracks from past choir trips (because the recordings of our trip won't be ready until sometime after lent):


"Standin' in the Need of Prayer" although this is from
last year, we sang this on the trip

The choir doesn't sing this song anymore,
but I absolutely love it!

We did sing this song on the trip - I love it!
The song starts at about 2:30, but the first
part is an instrumental by Jerome

We did not sing this on the trip, but we
have been singing it recently!

(here's the really good stuff)

Amelia, Emma & Me at our first Mass

A little difficult to see, but this is Amelia
& Me in Portland when we had some time to walk around
and be goofy. Amelia found a juice bar
called the "Maine Squeeze" & we just HAD to take a picture

Emma, Me, Amelia, & Merrill in Portland!

Me & Emma at one of the high schools after Mass

Group photo at the second high school!
We just needed to capture the
"NUN BETTER"banner

SO as you can probably tell, this trip was just so much fun! I love choir & it was great to be able to spread our happiness & faith through song! I had a great time with my friends & I really enjoyed getting to know the other choir kids a little more! I also have to give a shout out to Father Brian & Jerome Monachino, director of the liturgical choir, for such an amazing trip! They worked hard to make it a success!

On a side note: Saint Mike's was just named a Fair Trade College -- the first college in Vermont to get that title! Find our what exactly that means here!

If you have any questions about Saint Mike's or about the liturgical choir, let me know! Tweet me!

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