February 20, 2012

The Benefits of Home VS. College


It's another lovely, sunny day here at Saint Mike's! Earlier today I had Accounting, Spanish, and Psych, & right now I'm in work study. Soon I'll be back in my room studying (oh boy!).

So this past week we had Friday off - that meant NO CLASSES and a THREE DAY WEEKEND!

I actually had another class that was cancelled on Thursday (meaning I only had ballet on Thursday) so I left Wednesday night to visit my parents for the weekend in Massachusetts!

I had an absolutely amazing weekend at home! My weekend started off with a new season of Survivor Wednesday night - if you read my blog regularly you'll remember that I LOVE Survivor & even sent in an audition video earlier this year, which you can check out here. Thursday I did some homework & met my mom for lunch (since she was at work, of course). Then I mostly slept, watched tv, and did some hardcore relaxing for the rest of the weekend. I also saw my aunts & cousins at a family birthday party & made some rice crispie treats with my wonderful friends Michelle & Cait!

SO after having an amazing time being home, I decided to talk about the benefits of being at home vs. being here at school:

Benefits of Being Home:

1. My Giant Bed: At home I have a big, queen-sized bed. Compared to my twin bed at school, it's just so huge! Actually, it may be unnecessarily large for a short girl like me...

2. Home-cooked Meals: Don't get me wrong, I love Alliot! As far as college food goes, it's pretty amazing. There's always something delicious to eat & I love chatting with Steve, one of the chefs, while ordering. However, there's just something about eating homemade food - it's delicious!

3. Seeing my Family: This is a no-brainer! While I'm not the type of person to get homesick, I obviously miss my parents while I'm at school. I usually call them every couple of days, but being able to see them is totally different. This break I also got to see some of my aunts, cousins, and friends. After not seeing them for a while, it was absolutely wonderful to see them too!

4. Being Lazy: Of course I'm lazy at school as well, but I feel so much less guilty when I lounge around, watch tv, and do nothing at home versus at school. Plus there's so much less stress to do anything because there aren't any dorm socials or weekend events like there are at Saint Mike's!

Benefits of Being at Saint Mike's:

1. Friends: I am definitely more social at school than I am at home, mostly because all of my friends live so close! Whenever I'm bored I can usually find a friend who's not busy & wants to hang out.

2. My Roommate: This may seem like an odd addition to the list because most people don't like sharing their room. I definitely love having a room to myself when I go home, but I also adore my roommate - she is so sweet and totally hilarious! When I go home my room is just too quiet!

3. Alliot: Although I love home-cooked meals when I go home, it's also nice to have Alliot right close by. Being in the quad, I'm less than five minutes from Alliot. It's great to be able to stop in to grab a snack or some tea in between classes.

4. Activities: When I'm home I miss all my activities, like LBLS mentoring & Lit Choir! They definitely make my weeks here chaotic but I love being busy & seeing my 'little sister' and choir friends.

SO there you have it - in summary, being & school and being at home are both amazing! Now I'm off to get some studying done. If you have any questions formspring me! I love talking to prospective students & bragging about Saint Mike's!

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