October 7, 2012

Health Services & Changing Majors & Other Fun Things

Hello! Hope you've all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

This past week I've been sick (basically everyone at school has a cold and it's no fun!). I cannot stand being sick, so all last week I was exhausted and tried to sleep as much as possible. I also went to Health Services early in the week to get some cold medicine. Health Services is amazing! I went there a couple times last year, but I so appreciate their help! When you're sick and you're away from home, it feels like you don't have much help. Health Services gave me some cold medicine (for free! beats buying medicine at Rite Aid) and basically recommended I get a ton of sleep. They're just incredibly nice and helpful.

Last week I also decided to change my major again. This will be my fourth time changing my major and I've decided to switch back to business administration (I originally came in as a business major so I've now come full circle!). I've been debating between psych and business for a while, and I've finally decided that I love business & marketing. I'm actually really excited for the business classes I'll be taking and I love my new business advisor. I feel like I made a great decision and it couldn't have been easier to get my change of major form signed and switch majors!

Shopping at Walmart! I tried on some Halloween costumes.
(Photo Credit goes to my roomie Cait!)

On a totally unrelated topic, this weekend my friends & I went out to Walmart to buy a birthday present for our friend Vick, who went to Saint Mike's last year but ended up switching to Keane State to pursue a nursing degree, which SMC doesn't offer. We may have gotten a little distracted in the Halloween section. (Disclaimer: I am not being a witch for Halloween).

Hope you all have a great week! If you have any questions feel free to email me!

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