October 20, 2012

Halloween Costumes & Jumping in Puddles

Happy Saturday! Just thought I'd update you all on recent news here at SMC.

Yesterday, Friday, was one of my best days in a while. First of all, it was Friday (you really can't go wrong there). Also, I spent the afternoon with some of my besties planning our Halloween costumes & running errands. We started off going to a local Halloween store & bought our costumes. it's official...I'm going to be Robin! My friend Cara will be Batman.

I have a cape & everything!

After that we went grocery shopping & stopped at Walmart. My friend Merrill & I had to buy supplies for our next Dessert & Divine. As I've mentioned before, we're team leaders for VITA (campus ministry) this year and run Dessert & Divine once a month. Basically we lead a faith-based discussion & have delicious desserts! Our first D&D was a success and I'm excited for this next meeting!

A picture from our first D&D - so much fun!

We also had to buy groceries to do some baking. Our friends planned a big Fall party for Saturday, so we picked up some ingredients to bake Friday night. I made chocolate chocolate chip pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. They were so good!


Finally, before we actually baked anything, we noticed that yesterday's rain created a giant lake of puddle. We decided to be totally immature & jumped in the puddles for a while. We got some strange looks and got totally soaked, but it was so much fun!

Not your typical Friday night, but it was the most fun I've had in a while. It reminded me just how much I love my friends! If you guys have any questions, send me an email or find me on Twitter!

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