December 5, 2012

Why Being a Business Major is Awesome

Happy Wednesday!

So while I just blogged the other day about how I'm insanely busy and have no time to blog, I wanted to tell you all a bit about my experience as a business administration major!

So as I've mentioned before, I've changed my major four times. (Yup. That's a lot, I know.) I actually came in as a business major, then switched twice more before becoming a business major again (I've come full circle!). Basically, while I haven't always been a business major, I am now totally, head over heels in love with the business department!

Why am I a Business Major?
I recently switched to a business major after starting a Saint Mike's chapter of a national online magazine with my friend Lauren. While the magazine isn't affiliated with Saint Michael's College, we have a small staff of students and write about events at SMC and in the surrounding area. After working on the magazine I realized just how much I loved the business aspect of it and switched majors right away! It's great because it keeps me excited about schoolwork and it motivates me to get internships.

I also have an amazing advisor!
I LOVE my business advisor! When I came for a pre-orientation weekend the before my freshman year I had Professor Popovich as my advisor for the day. She was very helpful and friendly; after starting at SMC, I heard that she was an amazing teacher. When I recently switched to a business major I requested Professor Popovich as my advisor. Thus far she's been tremendously helpful! She's also recommended me to be part of a quasi-debate team for a competition at SUNY Plattsburgh next semester which would include giving individual speeches and working as a team to solve business ethics problems. It sounds like a challenging experience which will be tons of fun.

My first business project - SMC Winter hats!

Here's what I've thought about my first few business classes:

-  Critical Thinking & Communication (Intro. Business Course)
This was a difficult but fun class! In the course we created out own business on campus which was terrifying but a wonderful hands-on experience. I loved that we got business experience right away! This class was also team-taught, meaning that we had three professors who were experts in marketing, management, and finance.

- Financial Accounting
This class was tough because it was at 8 am, but I was surprised to learn that I really love accounting! Professor Voigt is actually one of my favorite professors - he was straightforward, fun, and incredibly supportive.

- Managerial Accounting
Another surprisingly fun class! I actually took this class twice - last year I took the class but wasn't doing well  and had to withdraw. This year I took the class again with a different professor and ended up loving his teaching style. Professor Doyon made the material interesting and relevant and I found it incredibly easy to do well in his class (the work itself isn't easy, but as long as you pay attention in class and work hard on the homework, you'll be fine!).

Next semester I'm taking all business classes, which I'm excited for:
- Marketing
- Management
- Economics
- Statistics

Basically, I love being a business major! If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

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