February 24, 2013

Exciting Events in the Business Department!

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone's had a fun weekend!

Last weekend I got to go home to see my parents then had a pretty busy week back at SMC with lots of tests and class projects.

I've also been gearing up for the "Free Enterprise Olympics" at SUNY Plattsburgh which will be this Friday! I got to meet my teammates last week and I'll be getting together with them this Wednesday to practice again. The team consists of three senior business majors; they all seem super nice. Then, on Friday, we'll be gone all day at the competition! This weekend I've been editing my speech a bit and I'll be practicing that all week in anticipation of the speak off finals Friday morning.

Now some more exciting news - last post I mentioned that I was busy writing a case study analysis. Every year the Saint Michael's Business Department puts on a "Business Ethics Case Competition" in which business students can receive an ethics case to analyze. Six schools compete, and each school chooses a top paper to submit. Then, three outside judges choose the three best papers to be presented. While I don't yet have a lot of experience in analyzing case studies, I competed in this challenge last year and again this year with a friend of mine, Tim, who's a business and religious studies double major. This year's case was about Facebook and Greenpeace and was a lot of fun to write. And the super exciting news, Tim and I won best case analysis at SMC!

Disappointingly, our paper wasn't chosen to be presented, but I'm so excited that we won at SMC! The top three schools will be presenting at Saint Mike's this Tuesday and I'm looking forward to hearing their arguments.

Besides that, I gave several tours this week and participated in a Parent Knight Chat on Wednesday. I love talking with prospective students and parents so it was fun to get back into tours! Plus, Knight Chats are always fun because I get to hang out with a bunch of the bloggers and parents always have great questions.

So now I'm off to work on a massive amount of homework (I have a huge test Monday for my marketing class - wish me luck!). As always, if you have questions shoot me an email!

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