June 20, 2013

Interning at the Massachusetts State House

Happy Thursday!

The MA State House with a banner for Father's Day

At Saint Mike's, I'm a business major with a concentration in marketing, but I'm also interested in working in politics. To explore my options & to find out what it would be like to work in politics, I got a summer internship with a State Senator Richard Ross at the Massachusetts State House.

This internship is part-time, which is perfect for me because it allows me to also work as a camp counselor, like I did last year. While it's not as helpful career-wise as an internship, I love working at camp because it's so much fun and I have a bunch of friends there. It's also great because my internship is unpaid but working at camp allows me to save up some money for the school year.

I first decided that I wanted to work at the State House last summer when my brother and I took a tour of the building. It's a gorgeous building that's filled with so much history. I knew I wanted to explore politics as a career option, and I thought that an internship at the State House would be a good place to start. Soon after I found that one of my friends had interned at the State House a few years ago. She connected me with the Deputy Chief Council at the State House, who was nice enough to explain all my internship options.

I ended up emailing several MA senators and representatives and later set up a phone call to talk with the Senator Ross' Communications Director. I interviewed with her over winter break and was offered the internship! I started interning in May after coming home from Vermont.

At my internship I mainly work on constituent services, so when a person from Senator Ross' district writes in with questions or concerns, I find the correct information and write back. I've also done some research and have written up some resolutions. I've only been interning for a few weeks now, but so far it's been so much fun. I love researching to assist Senator Ross in making informed decisions and it's great to help constituents. I also love the people I work with; they've all been super nice and helpful.

On an unrelated note, I'm getting excited for all the first-years to start at Saint Mike's in just a few months! I'm hoping you all will love SMC as much as I do!

If anyone has questions, please reach out! Shoot me an email or ask me on Ask.fm. I'd love to help!

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