September 3, 2013

Back at Saint Mike's & Better Than Ever!

Hi everyone!

I am back at school & ready to blog again!

First, a giant apology for not blogging in so so so long! I had an awesome, busy summer and then I moved in at SMC and immediately had tons of schoolwork. Right now I'm working on figuring out a good study schedule, but at least I'm finally blogging!

So a quick review of my summer:

1. Internship - This was probably the coolest part of my entire summer! I got to intern for State Senator Richard Ross in Boston, Mass. I worked all last year applying to internships and chatting with alumni for advice. Actually getting to go to Boston and work in the State House was amazing. Also, I'm so inspired now to work in politics in some capacity in the future. I loved seeing all the hard work the State Senators are doing.

The State House is gorgeous!

2. Vacation - My family went to St. Thomas this year and took a day to visit St. John. It was incredible & absolutely gorgeous!
Incredible beach on St. John

3. Economic Seminar - I was accepted to a Foundation for Economic Education seminar last semester and actually got funding for travel from Saint Mike's! I got to fly to Clemson University in South Caroline for a week to hear lectures and have discussions. It was really fun to learn more about economics and to interact with other students who are as passionate about learning as I am!

4. Friends - Of course, it was awesome to see my friends. I definitely didn't see them as much as I would've liked, but it was still cool to catch up with everyone.

Some of my friends from high school & Girl Scouts

5. Camp - I also worked as a camp counselor this year, which is super fun. Since I worked at camp last year I had a bunch of friends there and the kids were just so adorable.

6. Music Festival - In early August I went to the Nines Music Festival in Devens, Mass. They had some really good bands and it was the first year they've ever held the festival, so it was fun to be a part of that.

Picture by the band Walk off the Earth
(I'm in the baseball hat on the right)

All in all, I had an awesome summer, but I'm really happy to be back at Saint Mike's. I have some really cool classes & professors this semester and I love seeing my friends. I also live in a townhouse this year and it's so cute!

I'll share more about my first few weeks at SMC soon. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or send me a question on!

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