September 23, 2012

Fall Semester Class Schedule

Hello! Hope you all had an awesome weekend!

I thought I'd tell write about my classes this semester, so here goes:

Introduction to Philosophy:
This class meets every Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 8:30 am. It's tough to be awake in class that early, but the class is fun so it's not too bad. I have Professor L'Hote who is hilarious and awesome. She's so passionate about philosophy that she gets you excited about it too, which is quite an accomplishment so early in the morning! So far we've been reading Plato and have learned about some ancient early Greek philosophers. Every SMC student needs to take an intro level philosophy class as part of the liberal studies curriculum.

General Psychology:
As a psych major, this is one of the first classes you need to take. I take it with Professor Adams who used to be the department head. The class is fun and low key and we often have little exercises in class to get hands-on experience in what we're learning. I like psychology so I enjoy the class, but Professor Adams also helps to make it fun; every class, before we start, he puts on music and has some cartoons on the projector. He's also super friendly and makes sure that every assignment, quiz, and exam are clear and straightforward.

Research Methods I:
This is a statistical analysis class for psych majors. It's required, which I wasn't too thrilled about since I'm not really a math person. So far it hasn't been to bad. Professor Boynton is so incredibly nice and seems really helpful. We're about to go more in-depth with course material, so we'll see how I fare! Luckily I have my friend Merrill in class with me who's a stats genius. My other friend Lauren is also in the class, so I'm hoping we can have some awesome study sessions when it's time for the final!

Managerial Accounting:
I'm a business minor, so I need to take a few accounting classes. I actually took this class last semester, but I didn't do too well in the class and had to drop out. Now I'm taking this class again with a different professor, Professor Doyon, whose teaching style seems to better suit my learning style. I also got an accounting tutor which I'm thrilled about. I'll be meeting with him Monday to study before our first exam on Tuesday. Professor Doyon is friendly and nice, and he includes many real-world examples which are really helpful in understanding course material.

Basically, I love my classes this semester! The classes are interesting, the professors are awesome, and I have a great schedule (Classes 8:30 - 12 M/W/F and from 3-4:30 T/TH). Have an awesome week & if you have any questions, shoot me an email!

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