September 10, 2012

Montreal Trip

Happy Monday! Hope you're all having a wonderful start to our third week of classes (it seems so much longer, doesn't it?).

This past weekend my friends & I took a trip up to Montreal, Canada. We left Friday after classes and came home Sunday morning. It was SO MUCH FUN. It was great to have a weekend together, but we primarily went to Montreal to see the Jason Mraz & Christina Perri concert on Saturday night which was AMAZING! (My friend & fellow blogger, Lauren, also went to the concert this weekend with her friend Sheila.)

Last year, the four of us (my roommate Cait and our friends Merrill & Emma) saw Christina Perri at Higher Ground in Burlington. At the time I only knew a couple of her songs - her hit 'Jar of Hearts' and 'A Thousand Years,' which was on the recent Twilight soundtrack. The show at Higher Ground was incredible, and when we heard that she was performing with Jason Mraz (who I've loved since the '90s!) in Montreal, we couldn't pass that up! We actually bought our tickets in May so we've been pumped all summer!

Christina Perri was incredible, as expected, but Jason Mraz totally blew me away. I already knew that he was tremendously talented, but the whole concert was so creative. Several of his songs flowed right into the next so that for about an hour he played almost continuously. You could just see how much thought had gone into the artwork, the song selection, the line-up of songs. It was all amazing!

The band singing "I'm Coming Over" - such a great song!

This is one of my favorite songs by him & this is a video 
I found online from our concert this weekend

I basically had the best weekend ever! I was in for a rude awakening when I had to finish homework Sunday afternoon. Have a lovely week & enjoy the cool, Fall weather!

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