March 24, 2013

Weekend Fun - Al's French Frys & Wii Just Dance

Happy Sunday! I have copious amounts of homework to attend to, but first an update about my fun weekend.

On Saturday I worked on some things due for various clubs and watched TV with my roommate. Then, at about 9:00 pm my friends and I played Rock Band. It was super fun and I rocked it when I sang a Vampire Weekend song.

Al's French Frys

After Rock Band we went to Al's French Frys, which is an old-school diner about 5 minutes from campus. It was delicious and I got a huge chocolate shake. When we got back to Saint Mike's we played Just Dance which was hilarious! Below is a video of my friends Jesse and Cait dancing. It was a hilarious night.

So funny!

Today I've just been working on homework and getting ready for a busy week. We have a long weekend coming up because it's Easter next Sunday, so my professors are trying to fit a lot of work into a short week.  As always, if you're curious about anything, ask me a question on VYou!

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