April 2, 2013

End-of-the-Semester Business & Random Shenanigans

Happy Tuesday!

This week is off to an odd start because we had Monday off for Easter break. Therefore we started classes for the week today, which makes Tuesday feel like Monday (not that that's a bad thing!).

I had an awesome Easter break! I drove home Thursday afternoon, then on Friday I had an interview for an internship in Boston. I've been busy applying and interviewing for internships and I'm really excited to intern somewhere this summer. I have a few favorite places where I hope I get the job, but overall I just love working and can't wait to get started! My Mom also came into Boston with me and we had fun walking around & shopping after my interview.

The rest of my Easter break was filled with relaxing, seeing my friends, and spending Easter with my family. We also celebrated my little cousins' birthdays so that was a lot of fun (plus we had some delicious cake!).

Lunch in Boston in the North End

 A few other miscellaneous things! The picture below was tweeted by Saint Mike's after spring break. It's a picture from the Wilderness Club's Spring break kayaking trip to Scotland! I thought it was gorgeous and it made me so excited for warmer weather!


Also, last week we had a beam signing. In Alliot they put out a beam that will go in the new student center (to be completed by August) and left markers out for everyone to sign their name. I thought this was a pretty neat idea!

It was a pretty huge beam

My roommate Cait signing the beam

Now marks the really busy end of the semester. We still have about a month and a half left of the semester, but I have a lot to do before we leave in May. This weekend I'm going on LEAP, one of our Christian retreats, which is supposed to be a lot of fun. Then I have tours for Accepted Students Days for the next several weekends. I'll also be picking Fall classes soon and I need to finish my study abroad application.

Also, for all prospective SMC parents, we'll be having a Knight Chat tomorrow, Wednesday, April 3rd, from 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm. It's basically an online chat room where the bloggers will answer any questions. It will definitely be informative & fun!

If anyone has additional questions, ask me on Ask.fm. Although I just created a VYou account to replace my Formspring account (since Formspring is shutting down) VYou is also shutting down! So, now I'll be using Ask.fm, so direct any questions there!

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