April 14, 2013

My (Very Long) Week in Photos

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a great weekend and that you all procrastinated significantly less than I did. On the plus side, although I do not have much homework done, I had a super relaxing weekend and my room is spotless.

This week was pretty busy for me (I had two tests, a big quiz, and a project due) but I actually had a lot of fun this week too. Just thought I'd share some photos from my week with you all!

So last weekend I was on LEAP, one of the retreats put on my campus ministry every semester. I don't have any pictures from the weekend, but below is a link to the song "It's Your Life" by Francesca Battistelli, which was kind of our "song of the weekend." I can't share a lot from LEAP (it's all very secretive!) but I definitely suggest that all students go at least once. It was fun, relaxing, and I met so many new friends throughout the weekend.

2) Ben & Jerry's - Free Cone Day
Free cone day at Ben & Jerry's is pretty huge. I'd never heard of it before coming to Saint Mike's, but basically it's a day where all Ben & Jerry's give our free ice cream to thank their customers! I went last year with my friend Merrill but this year I went with a few of my friends from Her Campus.

Lauren & I won Ben & Jerry's bracelets for 
answering trivia questions

Huge line for Free Cone Day!

3) Horseback Riding Lesson
Friday I took my little sister (who I mentor through our MOVE volunteer program) for a horseback riding lesson! I like to do one special thing with her each year and she always talked about how much she loves horses, so I thought this would be perfect! We actually went to the farm where my 'Horses and Healing' class went (both when I was a student last year and a TA last semester).

Brianna at her lesson

4) Dinner with Ashley & Caitlin
My roommate, Caitlin, was gone for most of the weekend on a trip to Canada with the Science Club. Caitlin had planned go grab some dinner with her friend Ashley and they invited me along. I met Ashley on LEAP last weekend so I was excited to hang out with her again. We went to Chile's (for delicious fajitas!) and, on our way home, saw the most beautiful sunset! It's been rainy here this week, so seeing a bright, clear-ish sky was awesome.

Gorgeous sunset

So these next several weeks will be busy for everyone at SMC. We only have two and a half weeks of classes, then finals, then summer!

I have a lot of work to get done in those two and a half weeks, but we have a lot of fun, end-of-the-semester events coming up too. We have the Macklemore concert on April 25th and P-Day (a day of free food and fun before finals starts) on April 27th. My brother will be up for that weekend and I'm excited for him to meet all my friends.

Also, Temple Grandin will be speaking at Saint Mike'son Wednesday and I can't wait! We read a lot about Temple Grandin in my 'Horses and Healing' class and it will be very cool to see her speak in person.

As always, shoot me an email or ask me a question on ask.fm. For any prospective students - good luck in your college decision and I hope to see you at next Saturday's Accepted Student's Day!

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