April 11, 2013

Why I Love Economics & Statistics

Hi everyone!

This semester I'm taking four classes that all relate to my business major - marketing, management, statistics, and macroeconomics. Since I'm not exactly passionate about math, I wasn't very excited to take economics and statistics, but I've actually loved my classes this semester!

This class meets twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) for an hour and a half. I have Professor Reza Ramazani - I love him and his teaching style! He's very energetic and makes the classes fun.

I can't say the class is easy, but it's certainly clear. Every week we have two chapter to read, but our book is pretty interesting (or maybe I just like econ?). Then we have a writing assignment in which we read an econ-related newspaper article and write about it. We also have large homework assignments before tests to help us review.

Professor Ramazani also helped me prepare my speech for the SUNY Plattsburgh Free Enterprise Olympics speech finals. He was very excited for me and told me that he was proud when I won! Overall, I think this class is very interesting! I'm hoping to take another economics class senior year if I can fit it in my schedule.

I expected this class to be boring and difficult, but surprisingly, it doesn't fit either of those descriptions! This class meets three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) for an hour. I have Professor Warren Sides, who is an adjunct, which means he's not a full-time professor at Saint Mike's. He actually also teaches at a few other colleges in the area, which is pretty common for adjunct professors at Saint Mike's.

Professor Sides makes the classes pretty interesting. I can't say I look forward to learning about statistics every day, but I do enjoy our classes. We have homework due a few times a week and we also have a larger project once in a while to expand on the information we're learning. After covering about five chapter we have an exam, but we get a practice packet and have a study day in class, so we have plenty of time to prepare and ask questions. Plus, Professor Sides is funny and tries hard to entertain us during class.

Again, Professor Sides makes his class very clear. He makes sure we know what is expected of us and grades accordingly. He also has long office hours and makes himself very available if you have questions. Basically, I love my stats class!

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