April 17, 2013

Keeping Positive After the Boston Marathon

Hi everyone! For anyone in and around Boston, hope all are safe and unaffected by the explosions. I live about an hour outside of Boston and I was shocked to hear about Monday's events.

Just wanted to share a bit of positive energy in this sad time. I've seen countless Facebook posts and tweets about Monday's events and I think that it's easy to get caught up in the negativity. I love seeing the positive, inspirational posts about all the helpers on Monday who took people into their homes and helped rescue injured runners and other people.

Mashable had an awesome article recognizing "10 Touching Acts of Kindness at the Boston Marathon." This was a beautiful way to commend those who helped others and even put themselves in danger to help people around them. The New York Times had another great article about Carlos Arredondo, a man who helped save someone's life by running towards the chaos instead of away from it all.

It's just been touching to see people from all over reach out to Boston. Right away help was sent from New York to assist in clearing out Copley Square and to investigate the explosions. The Yankees also put up a sign (shown above) to show their support for the Red Sox and for Boston in general. On the radio this morning the radio hosts talked about several things we can thank Boston for, such as popular bands. While silly, it sends a message that everyone is supporting Boston in our time of need.

At Saint Mike's there are plenty of Bostonians and students from Massachusetts. My friend Emma, who's from Albany, New York, once asked me why everyone from Mass loves Boston so much. I'd never really thought about it, or realized how loyal Massachusetts people. I think our love of Boston has a lot to do with  the history, the smallness of the city, and the people. While not always nice, the people of Boston are tough and caring. I had someone tell me once that his recent move to Boston was causing culture shock because people were often rude to him. This is something Boston and New England people hear a lot, but when I told someone about this comment later they told me that he was absolutely right, but that just means that when Bostonians are nice to you they really mean it.

I think these videos from Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart really do a great job of summing all of this up.

Praying for everyone in Boston and hoping we can all remember that there is plenty of good out there for every bit of bad that we encounter.

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