October 19, 2014

Looking Ahead to Post-Grad Life

Every time I introduce myself as a tour guide I say the same thing - "My name is Alex Brenock and I'm from Medway, Mass. At Saint Mike's I am, sadly, a senior and I am a business major."

I am, sadly, a senior. Seriously, sometimes it's seriously upsetting!

In May, after graduating, I am going to be so sad to leave my friends, professors, and so many other SMC staff members. But I'm also pretty excited to take a big jump forward in my life & to really get started in my career path.

I've been spending a lot of time at 
Klein, where career development is located

Right now I plan to go to graduate school & then to work in politics and eventually run for office. The end goal is to become a U.S. Senator representing Massachusetts. I know, I've got some big plans. This semester I'm busy applying to graduate school. I'm looking to go to school in Boston or in D.C. & I am interested in a joint JD & MBA program. In four years I'll earn both my law degree & my masters in business.

That means that this semester has been crazy busy for me! A few weeks ago I took the LSATs and I'll be taking the GMATs next month. Besides that, I have applications, essays, and letters of recommendation to compile! I'm hoping to be done with the entire process by the end of November.

So what else have I been doing to plan for my future? Well recently I've been working to figure out how to pay for grad school. I entered a scholarship contest a few weeks ago that's put on by Dr. Pepper. I've gotten enough votes to make it to the next round, & now I need more votes in order to possibly win!

Please shoot over to the Dr. Pepper contest page, where you can see my profile & check out a video, coming soon. On the bottom left of the screen, just click vote! Really, every vote helps me in this competition & every bit of money I can get for grad school helps too!

Please email me questions!

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